Residential Solar Power Systems

Solar Energy Saves Money and Environment

Plain and simple, solar energy makes big sense. Choosing to power your home or business with solar energy is an Eco Smart way to save the environment through reduced carbon emissions, while you saving money.

Eco Smart Solar Energy Solutions not only saves you money, but gives you independence, and simply enables you to be more self-reliant. Solar energy saves resources, is more affordable than ever, and shows the community that you care.

Grid Tied Solar Power Systems

Eco Smart On-Grid Power Systems are suitable for the residential or commercial applications ensuring the reliability and stability of power by the grid tied operation. The energy generated is either used within the home or fed back into the grid there by save money and community. Grid connected solar power system is an Eco Smart way to add value to your home.

Bnefits of Grid Tied Solar PV Systems:

  Energy provided by the Sun – safe and saves money

  No expensive batteries required for the conventional Grid-Tie Systems.

 Sunlight is directly converted into electricity to use.

  At current electricity costs, system payback is between 4 to 7 years.

  Cost of energy yield fixed for at least 25 years, guaranteed.

  The only home improvement that will save you money on a daily basis!

  No maintenance required. Clean and Sage Energy.

Main disadvantages of Grid Tied Solar PV Systems:

  With no batteries, there is no independent energy storage.

Solar Energy Saves Money and Environment

In order to not be stuck without power and to be able to be self-sustaining in the case of an emergency, your best option is to have a grid-tie system with battery back-up which gives you the option to both use the utility company when needed and build credit with them, and be self-sustaining in case of an emergency.

Off-Grid Solar Power Systems

Eco Smart Off-grid Solar Power Systems are a reliable power supply, designed as standalone power system. You can always cover your entire electricity demand and become independent from electric utility grid.

Eco Smart makes it easy for you to have a self reliant solar power system to have 24×7 power and to save money on power bills. Eco Smart solar power system helps you to enjoy an eco friendly life and be sustainable. Eco Smart Solar Power Systems performs as an asset for your family and for your business in many ways.

Advantages Of Off-Grid Solar Energy Systems

 Independence — you are no longer subject to the terms and policies of the Electricity Department, or the utility company.

  No Blackouts — when the power is out and everyone else has no electricity, your home will still have full power. This can be particularly important for people with health conditions that require electronic devices or refrigerated medicine.

 No Electricity Bills — You will never again have to give the utility company a slice of your monthly paycheck after you go off-grid with solar power.

Disadvantages Of Off-Grid Solar Energy Systems

 Higher Initial Cost — You need a source of backup power for when the sun isn’t shining. Adding a battery bank bumps up your solar energy costs.

 Limited Solar Energy Storage — Even with backup power, energy storage is limited. Given a few days of cloudy weather, you may run out of stored electricity.

 Power use must be carefully planned — When you live off-grid, you have to be careful about your household energy use or you run the risk of not having enough power.

Making the Choice of Solar Off-Grid, Grid-Tie or a Hybrid System

Choosing the solar power system is depends on your building site and the lifestyle that you prefer to live. Consult us and we help you choose the right system for your scenario.

Hybrid Solar

When choosing a solar power system, we either choose either a grid-connected systems or an off-grid system. Hybrid solar systems combine the best of grid-tied and off-grid solar systems. A grid-tied system does not give power during power outages but a hybrid system can keep operating.

With Eco Smart Hybrid Solar Power System, when the grid fails, your system will keep going, providing you power. The Solar Power that you generate during the day is not wastefully fed back into the grid with minimal financial return to you. The energy is stored and can be used whenever you want. The advantage of Eco Smart Hybrid Solar Power System is that they are able to control and balance the available sources of energy.

Solar Water Heaters

Eco Smart’s Residential and Commercial Solar Water Heaters can greatly reduce operating costs and carbon emissions. We could provide custom made Solar Thermal Solutions designed to meet the customer’s specific needs and application requirements.

Engineering Benefits

 Easy building integration

  Easy installation and plug-in

  Operate all year round

 Low maintenance & high durability

  Highly efficient and cost effective









Other Solar Products


Solar is the world’s most abundant energy source. Safe and clean solar energy powers your homes and businesses sustainably. Solar is a cleaner, safer investment for your family and business.


Controlling your energy costs is just the beginning. Eco Smart helps you to be a part of your corporate sustainability initiative. Reduce your energy costs, take a huge step toward meeting your sustainability goals and join the world’s most sustainable drive.


Eco Smart is proud to offer full line of Solar Water Heating Solutions for your domestic or commercial facilities. Solar Water Heating is most economical way of harvesting the free energy from the sun, available throughout the year.