Solar Power Systems

Solar is the world’s most abundant energy source. Safe and clean solar energy powers your homes and businesses sustainably. Solar is a cleaner, safer investment for your family and business. You can immediately reduce your electricity bill, enjoy energy independence from rising energy costs, increase your home or building’s value and achieve sustainability.


Easy Solar Solutions

Whether your goal is to save on electricity bills or increase the value of your property, or to achieve sustainability, we make it easy and affordable for you.

We Make Solar With 3 Easy Steps

Free consultation with our 12 years expertise

  Getting the right Solar System for you involves a number of design considerations. With our 12 years expertise installing variety of Solar Power Systems, we will make sure your design works perfect for your requirement. We have several options for you to consider that will suit your needs.

Get your Solar Project Viability and sign agreement

  We evaluate your home’s roof space, sun direction, shading and your energy needs and assess how much of your power usage can be offset by Solar Energy. Once we conclude the right solution, we sign agreement to secure your solution.

Get Solar Power Installed and enjoy the benefits

 Your system will be installed by our team of highly qualified experienced technicians and they will teach you how to use the system. We organize a regulatory inspection to certify the electrical integrity of installation is complied. Finally, you switch to start generating your own clean, natural energy and enjoy the many benefits of Solar Power.

Home Owners

Find out why more home owners are choosing solar power for their homes and learn how you can save on your energy bills for years to come by making smart choices now.

Reduce Your Energy Bills

  Conventional energy prices continue to rise. Secure you home a money generation possibility with Solar Power. Enjoy good return on investment.

Be Energy Independent and go green

  By installing a solar system, you become self reliant while helping the environment and Lessen your carbon footprint.

Build a Smart Home

  Eco Smart helps you connect practically too smart home technologies. Use the energy you needed from your solar power and give back the energy for credits. Increase the value of your home.

Commercial & Industrial Solar

Eco Smart Solar Energy for businesses could be a cost-effective, practical, and effective method of achieving sustainability. The benefit of solar energy is justified purely on financial terms for most businesses. However, for many others, it is a combination of financial, marketing, environmental and green credentials that convince the investment decision.


  Solar dramatically reduces electricity costs and gives good ROI

  Solar Energy gives you Marketing and Environmental Leverage

  ‘Green’ credentials improve public image and employee retention

  Demonstrate responsibility – commitment to sustainability

Utility Scale Solar

Utility-scale solar power is one of the fastest ways to reduce carbon pollution in the atmosphere while electricity from fossil fuels and hydro-power are most expensive. Utility-scale solar designs can also include built-in storage capacity that provides power even when the sun is not shining, like traditional power plants.

Utility-scale solar power systems are more cost effective than residential-scale PV systems in achieving the economic and policy benefits. However, that requires access to high-voltage transmission infrastructure that is not only controversial, but expensive. Meanwhile affordable Eco Smart Residential and Commercial Solar Power Solutions options are best suits your entity’s sustainable needs. Contact us for a free consultation.









Other Solar Products


Plain and simple, solar energy makes big sense. Choosing to power your home or business with solar energy is an Eco Smart way to save the environment through reduced carbon emissions, while you saving money.


Controlling your energy costs is just the beginning. Eco Smart helps you to be a part of your corporate sustainability initiative. Reduce your energy costs, take a huge step toward meeting your sustainability goals and join the world’s most sustainable drive.


Eco Smart is proud to offer full line of Solar Water Heating Solutions for your domestic or commercial facilities. Solar Water Heating is most economical way of harvesting the free energy from the sun, available throughout the year.