Water Quality Services

Eco Smart provides a professional water treatment services with a real focus on customer satisfaction and sustainability. With our 12 years of business we have carried out hundreds of Water Treatment Systems installations and services.

Our consultancy services include:

Review and Optimize the Water Treatment Sustainability.

Existing Plant Audit to identify potential cost savings and performance enhancements.

Integrated Total Water Management Consultancy and Optimization.

We provide the following services to our customers:

Water Testing and Consultancy

Annual Maintenance Contracts

Retrofitting of Existing Plants

Installation and commissioning

Water & Energy Conservation Consultancy

Pollution Control Board (PCB) assistance

Water & Energy Conservation Consultancy

The Challenge

In today’s world a company’s success is directly proportional to its ability to harness all its resources to improve its competitiveness ecologically.

The Strategy

Eco Smart will conduct an assessment of your facility’s water conservation and Energy Performance and will make recommendation to you. Comprehensive services are provided to manage and drive energy management from programme inception, through implementation and maintenance. Or, you can partner with us on a single stage anywhere along the line.

Customer Benefits

Whether you own your building or are a tenant, you can more easily improve your facility’s comfort and financial performance with Eco Smart and you could achieve the following:-

 Lower water and energy costs

 Enable faster recovery of investment

 Enhance water quality and productivity

 Support Green initiatives and gain LEED rating

 Achieve better performance and lower downtime

The Methodology, Ecology = Economy

A realistic economic assessment includes intangible values. Productivity, health and public image have values which can greatly exceed material cost. An ecologically sound house or a business is naturally economical in many ways.


Contact Eco Smart for your sustainable success.

Retrofit & Refurbishment

Retrofitting of existing Wastewater Treatment Plants save energy, save money and achieve your goal for water conservation. Eco Smart helps you achieve your sustainability.

Eco Smart ensures the customer satisfaction by providing environmentally friendly and sustainable solution by retrofitting your Old / Non-Performing Water Treatment and Wastewater Treatment units.

Expand your water treatment plant for higher productivity

As productivity increases your Water Treatment unit needs to expand. We help you to keep pace with the increased demand.

Stay compliant with increasingly stringent regulations

Regulatory Compliances are keep upgrading. Your existing water treatment system may not be sufficient to cope with the regulations, which demands retrofit of your system.

Extend Water Treatment Systems lifetimes

Our Retrofit and Refurbishment Services helps you achieve better performance and lower downtime.

Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC)

Eco Smart provides Annual Maintenance services for various water and wastewater plants. The Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) takes care of preventive maintenance. Eco Smart AMC ensures the longevity of Components, trouble-free operations and lower downtime. Through our O&M contracts we ensure that our clients have their plants operating trouble-free at full capacity 24/7. We also aim to increase their system’s lifespan.

We are maintaining the following systems:

 Water Filtration Systems

 Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems

 Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)

 Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)

 Ultra Filtration (UF) systems

 Chlorination and Water Disinfection systems

 Process Water Treatment Systems

Our services include performance audit, routine plant servicing, replacement of faulty parts etc; in addition, we also provide retrofit services for your existing water and wastewater treatment plants.

Our repair services help you diagnose the problem and then provide the complete repair and troubleshoot solutions needed. We offer following benefits:

 Troubleshoot on the phone

 On-site evaluation & repair

 Replacement of faulty parts

 Upgrade or expansion of system

 Valves and components replacements

 Resins and filter media replacements

 Retrofitting of existing Plants

Environmental Solutions

Eco Smart provides practical and cost effective solutions to solve your environmental needs and sustainability. We assist you with dealing with regulatory authorities, Pollution Control Boad (PCB) and help you achieve the bottom line of business while satisfying your environmental obligations.

Solid Waste Management

Waste management is a complex process, and it is necessary for the environmental sustainability. Eco Smart provides Eco-Friendly solid waste management solution. Eco Smart solutions help complete combustion of the waste and due to that there will be less smoke, no irritating fames, no bad odors.

Commercial Incinerators

Eco Smart provides Commercial Incinerators to effectively dispose of trash, drugs, medical waste, solid waste, and a range of other non hazardous waste materials. We have premium quality Incinerators for commercial and industrial facilities the effective dispose of unwanted materials in a sustainable way.

Bio Gas Plants

Biogas generation recovers waste materials that would otherwise fill landfills, prevents the toxic use of chemicals in sewage treatment plants and saves money, energy and material by treating waste on-site. In biogas plant the waste is transformed into bio-energy and high quality fertilizers. Main functions of a biogas plant: waste management and decentralized production of renewable energy and fertilizers. Eco Smart has variety of solutions for your bio-energy solutions. Please contact us for a free consultation.









Other Water Treatment Products


Drinking Water is one of the precious resources of world today. The purification of water and water conservation are very important today. Eco Smart Water Purification technologies are cost- effective and innovative solutions with low operating energy consumption and long lasting life of Plants for your sustainable solutions.


Eco Smart offers extensive Water Treatment Methods for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Applications. Eco Smart Water Treatment Technologies are cost-effective and innovative which could be used at any individual applications compatible with the Industrial Standards.


Eco Smart has sustainable solutions concentrated on the treatment of Sewage and Industrial effluents according to the environmental standards for sustainability. Depending on the situation, we apply physical, chemical or biological techniques, including anaerobic processes and biological nutrient recovery and membrane technologies.