Duct Works

Eco Smart Ducting Systems

Eco Smart Ducting systems can be installed either in the interior or on the exterior of a building, visible or with a false ceiling in residential and commercial use as well. Eco Smart Ducts are an excellent option in industry sectors such as food processing, electronics, pharmaceuticals, residential buildings hospitals & medical centers. Where there is a need for a provision of a high level of quality and hygiene.

We improve the quality of the air you breathe inside your home. The use of environmentally safe products and state-of-the-art equipment sets us apart from the rest. An efficient duct system equals a reduction of utility bills by at least 30%.

Pre-Insulated Ducts

Pre Insulated Duct is a key part of central air-conditioning system. It plays a very important role in adjusting air condition in buildings. The air condition and appearance of buildings are related with duct quality. The material used for duct is constantly evolving in order to satisfy the demand for higher and higher quality, greater respect for the environment, and increased savings in energy. Many different materials and systems such as magnetite composite, PVC and so on have been developed as alternatives to the galvanized sheet metal used traditionally, but Eco Smart pre-insulated duct is a fresh blood of duct systems. Eco Smart PI Duct has been steadily developed and spread around the world, as its application has been gradually extended to every type of air distribution system in industrial, civil and commercial.

Our PI Ducts have an excellent insulation properties, lightweight material, and great durability. With Eco Smart pre-insulated panels an extremely high quality ducting can be achieved, as a direct result of the combination of the aluminum and of excellent insulation .This combination also provides an excellent internal air quality (IAQ), a fine external finish, long life material, lightweight and easily transported, manipulated and constructed.

Features and Benefits

  • Cost savings of up to 30%
  • No lagging required
  • Lightweight & Easy to Install
  • Faster installation
  • Fewer supports needed
  • Excellent Insulation Properties
  • Ignitability index 0
  • Longer life span 20 years
  • Reduce construction time and cost
  • Eco-friendly product (CFC-Free)
  • Energy saving
  • Create thermal comfort
  • Cleanable & Hygienic
  • Noise reduction
  • Spread of flame index 0
  • Heat evolved index 0

GI Ducts

GI Ducts is used to maintain temperature and prevent the ducts from sweating. The company offers leading energy efficient insulation, by Eco Smart GI Ducts. We can fabricate ducting as per the clients specifications and can design GI Duct system to correspond with the client’s existing system. We can even provide various duct accessories. GI Ducts are manufactured in Eco Smart as per customer demands. All the accessories such as fitting, attachments, components, and other goods are manufactured from the finest grade of material cutting edge technology. Our quality controllers check each and every detail on well defined quality parameter. Eco Smart GI Ducts are manufactured with very high quality raw material of reputed makes. We provide this ducting at very competitive prices. We have been providing rugged and cost effective GI ducts for many years. We can even provide various duct accessories. We provide this ducting at very competitive prices.

Eco Smart GI ducts find extensive use in big manufacturing plants where there are no windows and/ or even cross ventilations. They are thus used to maintain a cool and optimum temperature around the surrounding. These ducting’s find extensive use in various industrial and manufacturing sectors. Further Eco Smart GI Ducts are available in various dimensions and technical specifications such as the GI round ducts, rectangular ones and so on.

Features and Benefits

  • Eco Smart GI ducts are usually light weighed and are immaculately finished, giving them an advantage.
  • The Product is crush resistant and can overcome problems like bad odour and moisture.
  • They possess a long functional life and are durable.
  • They are easier to operate and offer great resistance to corrosion
  • They possess a high tensile strength and are engineered with optimum precision
  • They are made available to the clients at a very reasonable price.
  • They are built in accordance with the set industry standards and safety norms Highly durable
  • Superior performance
  • Compact design

Stainless Steel Ducts

Eco Smart Stainless Steel Duct system covers a wide range of ducts, bends, valves, transition pieces, jet caps etc. The Stainless Stain duct system can be used for all extraction purposes for transport of particles and air, and includes all the components needed for a complete extraction solution. The Eco Smart Stainless Steel duct system is manufactured with minor tolerances to ensure tight joints. Use of pull rings ensures that the duct line fulfils tightness class within industrial extraction. The duct system is particularly well suited for the stricter requirements on cleaning the duct system, and for installation with the special requirements for explosion prevention. Stainless steel ducting systems are manufactured with a circular cross section, designed for optimum sealing and minimal pressure loss. Our duct work encompasses a wide variation of all necessary components required for a complete installation solution.

Unlike other forms of steel, stainless steel does not readily corrode, rust or stain when it comes into contact with moisture. Stainless steel is essentially low carbon steel, which contains chromium at 10% or more by weight. It is this addition of chromium that gives the steel its unique corrosion resisting properties. This flexible stainless steel duct is very lightweight allowing for easy installation. The flexibility allows for this stainless Steel Ducts to be hand bendable, allowing you to easily create elbows and turns during installation. The stainless steel resistant with weathering, moisture, corrosive fumes, and chemicals, this product exhibits excellent life. Stainless steel Duct is also very resilient to high and low temperature extremes. This flexible Duct has a temperature range of -400 degrees to +800 degrees Fahrenheit. This truly wide temperature range gives this flexible stainless Steel great versatility, allowing it to be used in a large variety of industries.

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight, fast-track construction
  • Provides fire protective shaft enclosures, stairwells and horizontal membranes
  • A solution for all enclosures and risers where access is limited to one side only
  • Horizontal membranes built entirely from below
  • Installation can commence earlier in construction
  • Minimal wall thickness of 77mm
  • Satisfies deflection and air pressure requirements
  • Satisfies the 1m boundary requirements