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Plasma Air Purification
Stay Safe From Coronavirus With Eco Smart Air Purifiers

Eco Smart Plasma Air Purification

Eco Smart Plasma Air Purification technology creates a bio-climate, like sunlight does to the atmosphere. The purified air will be rich in positive and negative oxygen ions. The bipolar ions produced will seek out atoms and molecules in the air to trade with electrons to effectively neutralizes particulate matter, bacteria and virus cells, odorous gases and aerosols, and VOCs.

To control ionization output Eco Smart Plasma Air technology uses specially designed ionization tubes and high voltage generators. Our expert engineers will help you selecting the proper type of ionization equipment, depends on factors such as, the application, air volume, range of operating conditions and the desired performance requirement for your home or work environment.

Features of Plasma Air Purification

✓ High capacity with lower power consumption.
✓ Ozone generation below critical level.
✓ Reduced static electricity generation.
✓ Safe operation in harsh conditions.
✓ Fresh and clean revitalized air.

Application of Plasma Air Purification

  • Removal of dust, fungi, molds, bacteria and allergens.
  • Eliminates volatile organic compounds and neutralizes odors.
  • Proactive air purification technology destroys airborne viruses.

What are Oxygen Ions?

Ions are molecules or atoms that exist in nature in various sizes which contain an electrical charge. Small ions are extremely active and last between 30 and 300 seconds before discharging. In pristine natural environments small negative ions range from 900 to 1,100 and 1,000 to 1,200 positive ions per cubic centimeter in densities. This varies to typically around 500 negative and 600 positive ions at sea level.

Inside buildings especially in cities ion levels drop from 80% to 95%. This ions levels can be barely detectable in small spaces. The air quality as the density of ions decreases. Air quality can be improved by increasing the quantity of both positively and negatively charged ions. This can be effectively be done by Plasma Air Purification technology.


Bipolar Ionization Technology

Plasma Air is the most advanced innovation in indoor air quality solution that uses the most advanced bipolar ionization for air purification.         

Eco Smart supply plasma air purification products that are beneficial for  healthier and more productive indoor environments in commercial, residential and industrial applications.

Our Plasma Air HVAC purification solution uses highly effective bipolar ionization technology to destroy harmful airborne viruses and neutralizes indoor air pollutants. Plasma Air have been proven to provide the highest improvement of air quality in airports, train systems, schools, hotels, casinos, arenas, offices and homes. 

Whole House Air Ionizer

With our whole house air purifier that connects to your HVAC system, cleanse air from contaminants and its filter less central air purifier is the ideal solution for residential air purification.

Our durable and filter less ionization technology effectively destroys contaminants as much as 99% and keeps allergens, mold, bacteria, viruses, and VOCs out of your home or office.

Our energy efficient and environmentally friendly whole house plasma air purification system can be easily installed with the help of our HVAC professional to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Features of Whole House Air Ionizer

  • • Eliminates odors, smoke & airborne chemicals.

  • • Standalone or integrated operation.

  • • Completely automated & chemical free.

  • • Does not use consumables such as fragrance-dispensers or batteries

  • • Simple annual UV lamp replacement.

  • • Continuous and maintenance free operation

Benefits of Whole House Air Ionizer

  • • Whole home coverage.

  • • Fight allergens & contaminants.

  • • Versatile, durable and reliable.

  • • Carefully designed, tested & certified.

Eco Smart Plasma Air Product Range

Plasma Air Purification Against the Corona Virus

Air Purification is getting a surge in popularity as the coronavirus concerns about quality of air we breathe. Coronavirus can remain airborne longer and spread fast and it is believed that even just normal breathing can spread the virus. Eco Smart Plasma Air Purification is proven effective against SARS, norovirus, and several influenza strains.

Eco Smart Plasma air purification actively emits bi-polar ions that attack coronavirus with no harmful chemicals, radiations or by-products.

Bipolar Ions released into the air attaches to expelled breath droplets which carry viruses and enlarging them to get caught easily in filters to provide a continuous disinfection of air around you.

Commercial Plasma Air Purification

Eco Smart Plasma Air Purification is proven and effective way to remove odors, volatile organic compounds, allergens and other contamination. Ionization disinfection is an energy efficient process since there is no energy wastage as heat, light, or other forms.

Eco Smart Plasma Air Purification creates a high-quality indoor air condition which is comparable to pristine outdoor environments. Our Plasma Air Purification product line is designed to work with the widest possible combination of HVAC applications.

Available in a number of standardized configurations, Eco Smart Plasma Air Purification line includes both retrofit and factory mount options. This allows buildings to reduce outside air requirements by 50% or more, with a 20-40% reduction in HVAC energy spend for the building.

Commercial Application of Plasma Air

Eco Smart Plasma Air Purification offers a chemical-free air and is an effective solution that aides the improvement of indoor air quality in a wide range of commercial areas such as:

  • Airports &Metro Stations
  • Casinos
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Corporate Offices
  • Health Centres
  • Hospitality
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • New Construction Sites
  • Nursing Homes
  • Offices
  • Retail outlets
  • Schools and Universities
  • Sports Facilities

Eco Smart Plasma Air Products

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