Industrial Ventilation Systems
Provides Healthy and Safe Working Environment fo Industrial Sector
Industrial Ventilation
Industrial Ventilation

Industrial Ventilation Systems

Ensuring there is relevant ventilation in the working environment provides many benefits to enclosed buildings that operate in the same vicinity of fumes and smoke. We provide the best smoke extraction solution for every productive and safe working environment. Eco Smart range of ventilation solution comes with tailored advice and support for an efficient business.

Air movement play a vital role in determining our comfort along with the ambient temperature and humidity level. Simply adjusting the thermostat may not be an answer to your energy-saving goals.

Our ventilation systems are proven to extract harmful bacteria from the air thus ensuring safe and suitable for industrial environments.

Eco Smart Customized Ventilation Solutions

Manufacturing plants and industrial facilities have application specific requirements for air ventilation. The need for addressing a ventilation system in a plant arises when dusts, fumes, or chemical concentrations in the air become a safety issue. Eco Smart provide industrial ventilation systems customized for your specific needs.

Our technology removes contaminated air away from the working area and replacing it with clean air without any fumes, airborne chemicals or flammable vapors. Our engineers will work with your facility manager to identify the specific need and provide the best customized solution.

Highlights of Eco Smart Ventilation Solution

  • Ensures excellent indoor air quality
  • Protects the property against mould & condensation
  • Recovers about 98% of heat lost with passive systems
  • Best for asthma sufferers and other respiratory patients
  • No need for bathroom fans and trickle vents.
  • Secure ventilation without opening doors or windows
  • Quiet and draught free ventilation
  • Removes cooking odors and other indoor smells
  • Prevent the build-up of lethal gases
  • Environmentally and ecologically friendly

Centrifugal Fans for Clean Air

Designed to accommodate for any airstreams ranging from clean air to bulk material handling application, Eco Smart offers an extensive range of air blowers and centrifugal fans. Our high pressure industrial centrifugal fans can handle a variety of air flows relative to static pressure and temperatures.

Our centrifugal fans are capable of operating in various conditions and engineered with forward-curved blades to move small air volumes with less noise. Backward-curved blades offer faster airspeeds and greater volume capacities for enhanced operating efficiency.

Other Optional Exhaust Fans

  • Inline centrifugal exhaust fans
  • Radial exhaust fans
  • Tube axial and vane axial exhaust fans

Fume Extraction System

Fume extraction units ensure sufficient ventilation in the working environment. Eco Smart fume extraction units are best for enclosed buildings operate in the same vicinity of fumes and smoke. Our advanced fume extraction units for enclosed spaces, industrial working environments and storage facilities provide the most effective solution for dust and smoke extraction.

Eco Smart fume extraction system remove heat and humidity from the air, preventing any airborne infections. They also remove fumes and noxious smells by supplying clean and fresh air and increases productivity in workplaces.

Eco Smart ventilation systems are best for working with custom fabrication, fabrication of industrial ductwork systems, duct, hoods and stacks, fume exhaust, custom environmental control, self-cleaning air handling units, fugitive emissions filtration, weld smoke collection systems.

Customized Industrial
Roof Top Ventilation
Tailored solution for all industrial purposes

Customized Industrial Ventilation Solution

Ventilation is essential in all modern buildings which are tightly air sealed to get the maximum energy efficiency. They are more than an average structure and need fresh air distributed through the entire building. Eco Smart provide customized solution in  ventilation system which can efficiently help your HVAC system to remove contaminated indoor air from areas like industrial and commercial facilities and also residential structures to supply fresh air.

Installation and Support

We have highly skilled team of engineers and technicians experienced in the design and installation of Industrial and Commercial Ventilation Systems, including fume removal across the breadth of industry and commerce, factories, warehouses, offices, retail and production areas.

Eco Smart Custom Industrial Ventilation Systems

Custom Fabrication
Fabrication of Industrial Ductwork Systems
Duct, Hoods and Stacks
Fume Exhaust
Custom Environmental Control
Self-Cleaning Air Handling Units
Fugitive Emissions Filtration
Weld Smoke Collection Systems

At Eco Smart, we are proud of ourselves on producing environmentally friendly products.

The experienced team of Ventilation Specialists at Eco Smart provide planned preventive maintenance packages to meet the specifications of air quality control. Additionally, our Service and Maintenance Department offer full site system filtration log books, ensuring filters are regularly maintained and that air quality meets the specified design criteria.

Eco Smart Customized Solution

Eco Smart roof ventilation systems are cost-effective and efficient. They are ideal to ventilate buildings which require effective ventilation such as factories, work shops, warehouses, agricultural applications, schools, hostels, change houses, assembly halls and other structures.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution to cool down your workspace and maintain a healthy environment, then look no further than the Eco Smart ventilation system. With its positive extraction, it can eliminate dust penetration and down drafts, making sure that your air quality is at its best. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of using Eco Smart ventilation systems and why they’re a great investment for any business.

Improved Air Quality with Positive Extraction

One of the key features of the Eco Smart Turbine ventilation system is its positive extraction capability. Unlike other ventilation systems that create negative pressure and can cause down drafts, Eco Smart Turbines are designed to extract air from the building, ensuring that any dust and pollutants are removed from the air. This not only improves the air quality but also reduces the risk of respiratory problems, allergies, and other health issues.

Cost-Effective Cooling Solution

Eco Smart Turbine ventilation systems are designed to provide cost-effective cooling solutions for businesses of all sizes. By harnessing the power of nature, they can effectively cool down any workspace without the need for expensive air conditioning systems. This not only helps reduce energy costs but also creates a comfortable working environment for employees, which can lead to increased productivity and reduced stress levels.

Environmentally Friendly and Durable

At Eco Smart Turbine, we pride ourselves on producing environmentally friendly products. Our Eco Smart Turbine ventilation systems are water and bird-proof, ensuring that they can withstand harsh weather conditions and protect against any unwanted debris. Additionally, our ventilators come with a five-year product warranty, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your investment.

Invest in Your Business with Eco Smart Turbine Ventilation Systems

Eco Smart Turbine ventilation systems offer a range of benefits for businesses of all sizes. With its positive extraction, cost-effective cooling solution, and durability, it’s easy to see why Eco Smart Turbine is a trusted name in the ventilation industry. So, if you’re looking to improve air quality, reduce energy costs, and create a comfortable working environment, then consider investing in a Eco Smart Turbine ventilation system today.

Enhance Safety and Ventilation with Eco Smart Fire Rated Turbine Ventilators

The Eco Smart Fire Rated turbine ventilator is a remarkable safety device that is designed to extract excessive smoke from a building in case of fire, in accordance with EN standards. Its efficient design ensures that the spread of smoke is contained, maintaining a safe smoke level for people to escape without succumbing to smoke inhalation.

Aside from being a safety device, the Eco Smart Fire Rated turbine ventilator is also a natural ventilator that provides positive airflow for day-to-day ventilation in your building. Its unique design allows for effective and efficient ventilation, creating a comfortable and safe working environment for your employees.

One of the major advantages of the Eco Smart Fire Rated turbine ventilator is its 3-year warranty, which limits maintenance and ensures reliable operation. Compared to other smoke ventilators, the Eco Smart Fire Rated turbine ventilator is a low-cost solution that provides more benefits than standard static smoke ventilators.

The design of the Eco Smart Fire Rated turbine ventilator’s bearing system enables it to withstand temperatures of up to 300 degrees Celsius for a period of 30 minutes, as per fire regulations code. This proven and tested design guarantees reliable and efficient operation, making the Eco Smart Fire Rated turbine ventilator a dependable safety device that you can count on.

Eco Smart Fire Rated Turbine Ventilators

Eco Smart Fire Rated turbine ventilator is an investment in safety and ventilation for your building. It provides reliable and efficient smoke extraction during fires, as well as positive day-to-day ventilation for a comfortable and safe working environment. Don’t compromise on safety and ventilation – choose the Eco Smart Fire Rated turbine ventilator today.