Repairs and Retrofit
Vast line of commercial and industrial retrofit solutions

Eco Smart Repairs and Retrofit Solutions

Our Industrial Retrofits of Air Quality Units is available at the lowest price, lower maintenance, operating and replacement costs. Eco Smart understand the challenges of retrofitting your outdated HVAC equipment and help to install the right-sized and right located Air Quality Unit Retrofits to maximize energy efficiency and improve comfort.

Our products are best suitable for all industrial and commercial retrofit application. With an incomparable service and high-quality product line-up made Eco Smart best air quality solutions provider in Middle East.

Ecology Units Retrofits

Eco Smart is committed to satisfy your demand by providing the best indoor air quality solutions. We provide a vast line of commercial and industrial retrofit solutions for ecology units. Eco Smart ecology units’ retrofits are specifically designed to remove the grease particles and smoke from the air stream of any kitchen exhaust systems. Ecology units’ controls cooking odor and steam to an acceptable level. We provide high-quality retrofit solution to eliminate all the kitchen effluents to the maximum extent.

Features of Eco smart Air Quality Retrofit

  • Designed for simple installation and maintenance.
  • Easy maintenance and reliable operation.
  • Available with certified factory options.
  • Includes essential accessories.
  • Maximum output with minimum energy use.
  • Very low annual maintenance cost.