Smoking Cabin Air Filtration
Get rid of 99.9% Cigarette Smoke & Odor

Eco Smart Smoking Cabin Air Filtration

Eco Smart provide the best smoking cabin filtration units that eliminates smoke and smell including all hazardous gases and odour and provide a safe and healthy cost-effective solution. Our smoking cabin systems uses multi-stage purification and filtration systems to release pure air back into the atmosphere to creates a completely smoke and odor free environment.

Our smoking cabin units help to eliminate the effect of passive smoking by absorbing and filtering all the by-products and protect non-smokers without penalizing smokers.

Multi Stage Filtration Process

To create smoke free environment our smoking cabin captures polluted air before it spreads into the main air stream with the help of multi-stage air filtration system. The pre-filter removes large dust particles and a HEPA filter removes small harmful particles the size as small as 0.3 microns and an activated carbon filter eliminates tobacco smells and chemicals.

Benefits of Smoking Cabin

Eco smart uses certified filtration methods to contain pollutants. Our filters and smoking cabin units are designed and tested to ensure the best smoke filtration and optimized for the best performance.

Our smoking cabins allow smokers and non-smokers to interact with each other and stay in the same room without any disturbing smoke or odor.


  • Automatic door for entry to the smoke cabin.
  • Wheel chair accessibility
  • Equipped with automatic LED spot light for lesser energy consumption.
  • Fireproof aluminium ashtray for collecting cigarette remains.
  • Sensor activation on the entrance for reduced power consumption
  • Free standing and easily movable construction
  • Modular design to reduce or expand cabin size easily.