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Bipolar Ionization
The Future of Air Purification
Bipolar Ionization
The Future of Air Purification

Eco Smart Bipolar Ionization

Eco Smart Bipolar Ionization Technology produces a natural bio-climate, rich in positive and negative oxygen ions, which continuously purifies your indoor air proactively at the very source of contamination.

Our Bi Polar ionization units are tested in compliance with most recognized international standards and No.1 in Dubai, UAE. With our smart engineering and workmanship, we guarantee excellent performance and outstanding quality lifelong.

Eco Smart bi-polar ionization units are even proven effective against corona viruses, including covid-19.

Bi Polar Ionization units can be integrated into a variety of systems for a wide range of applications such as Air conditioners in home, office, automotive and aviation system, air purifiers, blowers and ventilation systems, humidifiers and de-humidifiers, refrigeration systems and other HVAC Applications.

Features of Bipolar Ionization

  • High capacity with lower power consumption
  • Very low ozone generation
  • Reduced electrostatic discharge
  • Cruise ship ventilation systems
  • Superior air quality guaranteed

Installation Options

  • Air ducts in hospitals, nursing homes, shopping centres, offices.
  • Potable and fixed ion machines
  • Aircraft ventilation systems
  • Cruise ship ventilation systems

Bipolar ionization generates the same positive and negative ions which are naturally produced by solar and earth-based thermal energies.

Benefits Bipolar Ionization

Bipolar ionization releases charged ions that attaches to harmful substances present in air and help the filters to easily remove them. Eco Smart bipolar ionization units can easily be integrated into your existing commercial and residential HVAC systems. The charged ions released from ionization units have very high effect on dust particles, allergen VOC’s, odors, bacteria, viruses, molds and mold spores.

Eco Smart Ionization Air Purification offers a chemical-free air and is an effective solution that aides the improvement of indoor air quality in a wide range of commercial areas such as:

  •  Extending shelf life of food products
  •  Specially designed to reduces allergic side effects
  •  Eliminates smell, chemicals & smoke
  •  Perfect for new and existing AHUs
  •  Totally automated & chemical free
  •  Simple to install and use
  •  Operates independently or as an integrated solution
  •  Continuous discharge of electrostatic fields
  •  Guaranteed indoor air quality

Commercial Application

Eco smart Bipolar Ionization is an effective solution that aides the improvement of indoor air quality in a wide range of commercial areas such as Airports &Metro Stations, Hotels, Casinos, New Construction Sites, Commercial Real Estate, Offices, Nursing Homes, Corporate Offices, Retail outlets, Health Centers, Schools and Universities, Hospitality, Hospitals, Sports Facilities.

To bring natural Indoor air quality to any of your living environment, Eco smart Bi Polar Ionization units can be integrated with various applications like air conditioners, purifiers, fans, blowers, ventilators, dust extraction equipment, and other air treatment units.

Eco smart offers chemical-free air and surface HVAC solutions for cleaning both residential and commercial enclosed spaces all over UAE.

Features of Commercial Ionization Units

  • Eliminates odors, smoke, and airborne chemicals
  • Standalone or integrated operation
  • Completely automated and chemical-free
  • No use of consumables, such as fragrance-dispensers or batteries
  • Simple annual UV lamp replacement
  • Continuous operation

Eco Smart filters undergo all possible filtration test methods to achieve optimal clean air solutions.

  • Overall Efficiency Test
  • Scanning & Testing for Leak
  • Bursting limits & initial pressure drop
  • Air Distribution Test
  • External reference testing & certification

Eco Smart BiPolar Ionization Solution