Ecology Units
for Industrial AirHigh Capacity Industrial Ecology Air Cleaning SolutionEcology Units
for Industrial AirHigh Capacity Industrial Ecology Air Cleaning Solution

Ecology Units for Industrial Air Purification

Eco Smart provide ecologically friendly Electrostatic Precipitator units that effectively deal with destructive airborne materials and high temperatures in industrial sectors. Sturdy construction of our Industrial ESP products requires very low maintenance. The ESP units are gone through several quality tests to ensure the durability and give best performance.

Benefits of Ecology ESP Air Cleaning

Using Eco Smart Electrostatic Precipitator in Ecology Units ensures an efficient filtration for the even finest of particles and provide constant airflow in system air volume. Our Ecology ESP is designed without any fragile ionizing wires or insulators in high frequency electronics for a dependable operating environment.

Replacement free permanent Aluminum collector cells and sturdy design ensures high filtration efficiencies under heavy loads for high smoke generating equipment. Eco Smart products are designed for multistage operation.

Features of Eco Smart Industrial Ecology ESP

Eco Smart Ecology ESPs uses a mix of reliable technology for keeping the cost of operation to a minimum level and guarantee low energy consumption and minimal maintenance.

Specially made to lessen dust emission.
Optimized with gas and dust distribution.
Designed to consume less energy.
Inbuilt automatic cleaning and PLC controls.
Self-cleaning system reduces filter maintenance.
Pressure drop is lower than similar mechanical filters.
Flexible filter module configuration.
High power ionization system.

Ecology Electrostatic Precipitators for Kitchen Air Filtration

Eco Smart Electrostatic Precipitator uses charged ions to collect the impurities from the kitchen air stream. Cells inside the ESP module are comprised of metal plates and ceramic isolators. Eco Smart Ecology ESP is integrated with a self-cleaning system to reduce the maintenance and give maximum efficiency when compared to other similar products.

Eco Smart Ecology ESP works with ecology units, is a fully packaged kitchen exhaust system. Our Ecology ESP product effectively remove smoke, grease particulate and bonded carbon molecules. Eco Smart also provide compact Ecology ESP solution.

Industrial Application of Eco Smart Ecology ESP

Industrial Ecology ESP units are specially designed to capture abrasive particles and filter out coolant smoke and mist from heavy machinery. Eco Smart products are capable of filtering explosive dusts, mists and fumes, fine powders such as plastic dust, carbon black, talc, pigments and oxides. ESP units are also very efficient in capturing aerosols and fumes emitted from metalworking fluids, including oils, lubricants, coolants and filters toxic materials such as dust, mist, welding fumes, or smoke from the air.

Benefits of Advanced Filter Monitoring

We must transfer a particular amount of effluent outside to maintain a good ratio in productivity, health, and safety. The net exhaust volume must be greater than the thermal updraft. Eco Smart Ecology Units meets all the standard guidelines for kitchen air filtration and purification units.

  • Easy installation and automatic calibration through HMI.
  • Pinpoints the specific address to the faults.
  • Pressure drops monitoring across each module.
  • Identifies filter saturation percentage.