Customized Ecology Units
Designed for the specific needs of every commercial facility

Custom Made Ecology Units

Eco Smart customized commercial kitchen and industrial ventilation systems are specially designed to meet the specific needs of every commercial or industrial facility. We provide solutions that controls workers exposure to toxic fumes, airborne chemicals and flammable vapors.

Our customized solution will help the removal of contaminated air from the cooking facility or factory area, replacing it with clean air. Eco Smart provide reliable Air Quality Solutions for your unique air cleaning requirements.

Features & Benefits of Customization

  • Specially designed to withstand, capture and eliminate abrasive particles
  • Filter out mist and coolant smoke from heavy machinery
  • Capable of explosive dust filtering, fumes and mists
  • Filters plastic dust, talc, pigments, carbon black and oxides
  • Captures aerosols and fumes from metalworking fluids, oils, lubricants, coolants etc
  • Filter dust, mist, toxic fume and smoke
  • Filter welding fumes or dust including flux recovery systems