HEPA, Carbon & Fine Filters
True HEPA technology filters 99.9% airborne contaminants
Mechanical Air Filters

Eco Smart HEPA, Carbon & Fine Filters

Eco Smarts provide the best solution in air quality for office spaces, homes, or other commercial spaces such as shopping malls and movie theatres with the help of our wide range of filters and filtration systems including Pre-Filter, Fine Filter, HEPA Filters, Carbon Filters etc. Even after the current pandemic situation has passed, the key focus should be providing clean air solutions in all public indoor spaces.

Indoor air is up to 5 times more polluted than the air outdoors. This count will increase up to 15 times in most cities and it is something that has been neglected for a long period of time.

Eco Smart provide the most innovative solution in air filtration including customized air filters.

Range of Eco Smart Air Filters

Eco Smart has earned top recognition in the market by providing the most reliable and energy efficient air quality solutions for the past 15 years. We provide IAQ solutions for residential projects and industries like power generation, refineries & petrochemicals, engineering, pharmaceuticals, food, beverages etc.

  • Pre-Filters
  • Washable Panel Filters
  • Wire Mesh Filters
  • Bag Filters
  • Rigid Bag Filters
  • Grease Filters
  • Carbon Filters
  • Filter Media
  • HEPA Filters
  • Filter Casings
  • Spray Booth Filters
  • Dust Collector Filters
  • Custom Made Filters

HEPA Air Filters

To filter out moisture & oil contents passing through we use both wood or metal casings and water repellent paper in the filtration mechanism. Eco Smart filters are DOP scanned and individually tested ok for quality and reliability and best for ventilation and conditioning in areas where a very high level of air quality is required such as clean rooms, operating theatres, research facilities, the electronics industries, nuclear and pharmaceutical industries, photographic industry etc.

Features of HEPA Air Filters

Necessity of HEPA Carbon Air Filters.

Microscopic airborne dust, pollen, mold spores, pet dander, bacterial and the particles that carry infectious virus can be captured and filtered out with our high-grade, foamless and non-clogging filtration technology. Our ecology friendly units emit nothing harmful ozone and keep your heating or air conditioning system coils cleaner.

Carbon Filters

Eco Smart ACP Filters are specially designed to minimize the risk of bypass caused by settlement and made for an improved rate of absorbency. Our Pre-filters should be fitted in the ventilation system for protecting particulate contamination of the carbon filters. To fit for any type of ducting, air handling units etc., custom made discarb cells can be used. Eco Smart also provide Activated Carbon Filter Testing Service and Test Cell.

Fine Filters

Eco wide range of fine filters are made with highly durable and carefully selected materials to meet the requirement of clean air in general ventilation and air conditioning system in hospitals, synthetic fiber industries and compressor applications.

To offer the best possible performance to suit your specific need, our filters are made for trouble free running and economical in usage.

Special features were added to make the conventional HEPA filters easy to clean and maintain. Eco Smart also provides High-Capacity Wedge HEPAs upon request.