Electrostatic Air Cleaner
Effectively Deal With Destructive Materials & High Temperatures
Electrostatic Air Cleaner
Effectively Deal With Destructive Materials & High Temperatures
Electrostatic Air Cleaner
Effectively Deal With Destructive Materials & High Temperatures

Electrostatic Air Cleaners

Electrostatic Precipitator or commonly known as ESP is an electronic air purification technology, which uses charged ions to collect the impurities from the air stream.

Eco Smart Electrostatic Air Purifiers are highly reliable against air contamination of all kind. We provide wide range of energy-efficient Electrostatic Precipitator Systems which are used in several small to medium scale businesses and industrial application all around the globe.

Eco Smart Ecology ESP’s reliable technology, low energy consumption and minimal maintenance guarantee, keeps your cost of operation to a minimum level.

Features of Electrostatic Air Cleaners

✓ Built to lessen dust emission.
✓ Consume less energy to operate.
✓ Optimized to limit the equipment footprint.
✓ High quality design ensures minimal maintenance.
✓ Self-cleaning system reduces filter maintenance.

Eco Smart Electrostatic Air Cleaners Advantage

Metal plates and ceramic isolators are used to make cells inside Eco Smart electrostatic precipitator module to make it much more durable than normal units available in market.

Eco Smart Electrostatic Precipitator has an integrated self-cleaning system to reduce the need of manual cleaning of filters and minimizes maintenance cost. Our ESP units are specially designed to work with all type of ecology units to give maximum efficiency when compared to other similar products.

Features of Electrostatic Air Cleaning

  • Lower pressure drops than similar mechanical filters.
  • Flexible filter module configuration.
  • High power ionization system.
  • Assures system integrity and reduces installation cost.

Eco Smart Ecology ESP units are acclaimed for the durability, performance, efficient power consumption, low maintenance and sturdy construction. We also conducts thorough tests and checks on final installation and provide the best after sale service to ensure our clients are getting the finest product and top ecologically friendly solution.

Industrial & Commercial Ecology ESP Solutions

For the efficient purification of dry and wet particulates present in air from factories, workshops, CNC machine shops etc. Eco Smart provides industrial and commercial grade ESP units. We also provide Ecology ESP Units, which can be used in commercial kitchen exhausts for the removal of dust, oil mist, cooking fumes and various pollutants.

Industrial Application of Eco Smart Ecology ESP

  • • Designed to withstand and capture abrasive particles

  • • Filter out coolant smoke and mist from heavy machinery

  • • Capable of filtering explosive dusts, mists and fumes

  • • Filters fine powders such as plastic dust, carbon black, talc, pigments and oxides

  • • Captures aerosols and fumes emitted from metalworking fluids, including oils, lubricants and coolants

  • • Filters toxic materials such as dust, mist, fume, or smoke from the air

  • • Collect welding fumes or dust including flux recovery systems

Benefits and Features of Industrial Ecology ESP

The use of Electrostatic Precipitator in Ecology Units ensures an efficient filtration for even the finest of particles. Eco Smart Ecology ESP’s are designed for multistage operation, high filtration efficiencies under heavy loads for high smoke and grease generating situations.

  • • Automatic power supply restoration and short circuit protection.

  • • Building Management System terminals.

  • • LED Indicator for normal or wash indication.

  • • Does not use consumables such as fragrance-dispensers or batteries.

  • • Eco Smart new-gen Ecology ESP is designed for dependable operation.

  • • No use of fragile ionizing wires or insulators in high frequency electronics.

  • • Low and constant pressure drop resulting in reduced fan horsepower.

  • • Constant air flow in system air volume prevents fluctuations

  • • No need of replacing the permanent aluminium collector cells

  • • Inbuilt automatic cleaning and PLC controls