AHU Plasma Air Treatment
AHU Plasma Air Treatment

AHU Plasma Air Purification

Eco Smart Plasma Air Purification is a proven and effective way to remove odors, volatile organic compounds, allergens and other airborne contamination. Ionization is an energy efficient disinfection process.

Our Plasma Air Purification products are available in a number of standardized configurations and engineered to work with your existing AHU applications too. Plasma Air Purifiers produce quality indoor atmosphere comparable to pristine outdoor environments.

Eco Smart has both retrofit and factory mount options for buildings. Our units reduce outside air requirement by 50% with up to 40% reduction in regular energy consumption. Plasma Air Purification is best for residential and commercial buildings, transportation hubs, healthcare providers etc.

Eco Smart Plasma air purification actively emits bi-polar ions that attack coronavirus with no harmful chemicals, radiations or by-products.

Features of Plasma Air Purification

Eliminates odor, smoke and chemical contaminants
Available standalone or integrated operation
Completely automated and maintenance free solution
No consumables like fragrance-dispensers or batteries
Single annual UV lamp replacement

Eco Smart can be integrated with variety of systems in :

  • Air conditioners in home and office
  • Blowers and ventilation systems
  • Humidifiers and de-humidifiers
  • Refrigeration systems
  • Existing AHU Applications

Features of Plasma Air Purification

Normal air conditioning units act like a de-ionizer in sealed environments as they generate ion-free air. Eco Smart Plasma Air Purifiers integrates with various types of applications like air conditioners, purifiers, fans, blowers, ventilators, dust extraction equipment, and other air treatment applications brings ionized air to create best quality natural indoor atmosphere to your living environment.

Bipolar Ions released into the air attaches to expelled breath droplets which carry viruses and enlarging them to get caught easily in filters to provide a continuous disinfection of air around you.


  • Reduces micro-organisms in sensitive production atmosphere
  • Provide pure and healthy air for any indoor conditions
  • Extending shelf life of consumable products in food industry
  • Specially designed to comfort allergy sufferers
  • Reduce bacteria, viruses and mould in air stream
  • Eliminates odors, smoke and chemical contaminants
  • Perfect for both new and existing AHUs
  • Completely automated and chemical free solution
  • Operates independently or as an integrated solution
  • Guaranteed indoor air quality improvement.

Commercial AHU Plasma Air Disinfection

Eco Smart AHU Plasma Air Purification is an effective way to remove odors, volatile organic compounds, allergens and other contamination. Ionization disinfection is an energy efficient process since there is no energy wastage as heat, light, or other forms.

Plasma units creates a high-quality indoor air condition which is comparable to pristine outdoor environments. Our Plasma Air Purification products are designed to work with the widest possible combination of AHU applications.

Available in a number of standardized configurations, Eco Smart AHU Plasma Air Disinfection line includes both retrofit and factory mount options. This allows buildings to reduce outside air requirements by 50% or more, with a 20-40% reduction in HVAC energy spend for the building.

Commercial Applications

Eco Smart Plasma Air Disinfection guarantees chemical-free atmosphere for both residential and commercial enclosed spaces. Our air purification is an effective solution to aid and improve indoor air quality for wide range of commercial areas such as:

  • Airports &Metro Stations
  • Casinos
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Corporate Offices
  • Health Centres
  • Hospitality
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • New Construction Sites
  • Nursing Homes
  • Offices
  • Retail outlets
  • Schools and Universities
  • Sports Facilities