Heat Recovery Ventilation
The Most Efficient HRV Systems

Eco Smart Heat Recovery Ventilators

Our Heat Recovery Ventilators consist of two ventilation ducts running next to one another. One brings cool fresh air inside and the other carries moist and stale air out. The air run through a heat exchanger to allow the outgoing air to pass its heat to the incoming air without mixing the airstreams together. The incoming air supply is fitted with a bypass system, so that on summer days cold outside air can be channeled straight into the home without meeting outgoing air.

Eco Smart HRV technologies includes Rotary Thermal Wheel, Fixed Plate Heat Exchanger, Heat Pipes, Phase Change Materials to meet the appropriate requirement of our clients.

Our HRV’s Highlights

  • Ensures supreme indoor air quality
  • Protection against mold and condensation issues
  • Recovers 98% of heat lost with passive systems
  • Best for asthma sufferers and other respiratory patients
  • No requirement of bathroom fans and trickle vents.
  • Proper ventilation without opening doors or windows
  • Quiet and draught free ventilation solution
  • Removes cooking odors and other foul smells
  • Prevent potentially lethal radon gas build-up


  • Remote control access
  • Lower energy demand
  • Multitasking functionality
  • Automatic humidity control
  • Antibacterial air treatment
  • Low operational noise
  • Efficient heat recovery

Success in 6 Steps

  • Calculate required air flow
  • Select the right Eco Smart equipment
  • Locate exhaust points
  • Locate fresh air supply points
  • Make a dedicated duct system
  • Choose the right HRV