Electrostatic Precipitators
The Best and Effective Industrial Air Filtration Solution

Eco Smart Electrostatic Precipitator Units

Eco Smart is passionate in the wellbeing of our clients, as provide the most innovative solution in air quality. Our ESP series is the best-in-class Electrostatic Precipitator systems includes wide range of energy-efficient, residential and industrial ESP products. Our ESP units are widely used in several industries and also for residential and commercial application all around the world.

Eco Smart Electrostatic Precipitator uses charged ions to collect the impurities from the air stream. Cells inside the ESP units are made up of ceramic isolators and metal plates.

Our ESP will work with all Ecology Units give maximum efficiency when compared to other similar products. Our advanced integrated self-cleaning system helps you to reduce the annual maintenance cost of the system.

Why Eco Smart ESP?

To ensure the efficient filtration of even the finest of particles the use of an Ecology Electrostatic Precipitator in Ecology Units is a must.

Our new generation Ecology ESP units are designed for highly dependable operation. We do not use any fragile ionizing wires or insulators in high frequency electronics for maintaining the durability of units. Our products maintain a constant airflow in system air volume for preventing the fluctuation.

Eco Smart Ecology ESP’s have built-in automatic cleaning function and programmable logic controllers for multistage operation and gaining high filtration efficiencies under heavy loads for high smoke generating equipment.

Commercial & Industrial Ecology ESP Series

Eco Smart Industrial grade Ecology ESP units are made for the efficient collection of dry and wet particulates like dust, oil mist, cooking fumes and various other airborne pollutants. Our Ecology ESP Units are best suitable for the air cleaning in commercial kitchen exhausts, Air Handling Units (AHUs), factories, workshops, CNC machine shops etc.

Instead of burning fossil fuels, the efficient use of electrical energy in removing the impurities and dust particles from the air makes Eco Smart ESPs the best ecologically friendly solution. Our Ecology ESP units are highly effective in dealing with destructive materials in high temperature.

Features of Electrostatic Precipitators

✓ Short circuit protection
✓ Auto power supply restoration
✓ Building Management System terminals
✓ Auto power cut-off when the system door is opened
✓ LED Indication for normal or wash indication

Industrial Application of ESP’s

  • Designed to capture abrasive particles.
  • Filter out contaminants from heavy machinery.
  • Efficient filtering explosive dusts, mists and fumes.
  • Filters fine powders of plastic dust, carbon black, talc, pigments etc.
  • Captures aerosols and fumes including oils, lubricants and coolants.
  • Collect welding fumes or dust including flux recovery systems

Eco Smart ESP Highlights

Eco Smart ensure the best-in-class products and top-quality service to our clients by conducting thorough tests and checks on final output of the product. Our products durability, performance, efficient power consumption, low maintenance and sturdy construction made us the most reliable IAQ service providers in UAE.

Dry & Wet ESP Systems

Eco Smart Electrostatic Precipitators (ESPs) comes in two variants, Dry ESP and Wet ESP. 

The Dry ESP or DESP is used on extreme hot processes exhaust, ie 50 to 4500 degree Celsius, which operates above the dew point of gas stream and is been commonly used.

The Wet ESP is a system which is applied in special conditions like filtering wet and sticky, greasy and oily particulate matter. Wet ESPs are capable of capturing particulate matters from 1 micron to 1000 microns in 100+ types. It is equipped with fully automatic advanced Digital Signal Processor (DSP) controller, catering to particulate emission control for coal and biomass fired boiler, furnace, incinerators, liquid waste applications, kiln, mill, sinter, pellet, sponge iron, non-ferrous applications.

Eco Smart ESP Benefits

  • Continuous operation with minimal requirement of maintenance.
  • Power optimization with fully automatic DSP controller.
  • Double spiked discharge electrodes.
  • Strong rolled profile of collecting electrodes
  • Rapping system; Top rapping system, tumbling hammer design.
  • High efficiency and reliable.
  • Lower operating cost