Hospital Grade Air Purifiers
Ambient Air Cleaning With Multi Stage Filtration System

Hospital Grade Air Purifiers

Quality of air is a very essential requirement in hospitals. Air must remain sterile according to each room’s needs. Viruses and other airborne contaminants can get easily transferred from caregivers, staff, patients & visitors. Eco Smart Hospital Grade Air Purifier captures 99.5% of airborne germs, allergens and tiny dust particles resulting in a healthier hospital environment.

Eco Smart ambient air cleaning units with a multi-stage filtration system can be used to remove airborne contaminants effectively by continuously filtering the ambient room air.

Application of Air Purifiers in Health Sector


Quality of indoor air plays a vital role in patients’ health and wellness at hospital. Even minute dust particles in air can cause harm to patients in operation theatres. People suffering from severe contagious diseases require isolation rooms with great air quality. Air from these rooms must be contained and should not enter the main air stream of hospital. Eco Smart air purification solution provide complete protection to each room separately according to the necessary requirement they have.

Dental Clinics

Some of dental clinics equipment generate high risk of exposure to harmful airborne contaminants. Dentists, staff, patients and visitors need protection from the airborne pathogens and chemical compounds from dental work. Some ultrasonic equipment even generates easily inhalable micro-droplets that can contain bacteria and viruses that stays airborne for a long period. Eco Smart air cleaners create the perfect environment for dental clinics by maintaining the best indoor air quality.


Eco Smart laboratory air purification units are specially designed to eliminate harmful fumes and annoying odor from the air. Lab technicians require. Eco Smart laboratory grade air purifiers solution provide control over the level of contamination by filtering harmful chemical gas, viral and bacterial pollutants at the source and in the ambient air. Our air purifiers also help to control the environmental factors such as temperature, humidity and pressure which is important for lab environment.

Source Capture Air Purification

Eco Smart provide source capture air cleaners as optional choice for controlling cross contamination. Our source capture air cleaners with self-contained extraction system capture chemical gases, soldering fumes, vapors, grinding dust particles, odors and ultra-fine particles directly at the source. Eco Smart source capture units are ideal for industrial facilities to filter out the contaminants at their point of origin before they disperse in the environment.

Application in Pressure Rooms and Industries

Positive Pressure Air Purification

To keep out contaminants like bacteria and viruses, positive pressured rooms should have elevated air pressure levels. Eco Smart air purification units limits the flow of contaminated air and maintain a positive pressure in the room. This positive pressure environment protects the patient in operating theatres. Eco Smart prove the most innovative solution in air purification for microelectronic industry and similar industries which requires a hospital grade air purification.


Negative Pressure Air Units

A technique used in medical centers to avoid cross-contaminations between rooms by air filtering the contaminated air and venting it out of the room. Air naturally flows from high-pressure areas to lower ones. This prevents the spread of air from rooms where patients isolated with contagious diseases.