Multi-Media Air Filtration
The most effective filtration against all type of airborne impurities

Eco Smart Multi Media Air Filtration Solution

We provide the most innovative solution in Multimedia Air Filtration using the most advanced technology. Our solution utilizes different layers of media filters with distinct differences in filtration mechanism for air purification.

During multimedia filtration of air, each specialized media eliminates contaminants in its own unique way. This filtration layering enables the largest contaminants to get trapped in the first layer with smaller particulates sifting farther down into the lower layers.

Eco Smart multi-media filters are composed of HEPA Air Filters, Pre-filters, Electrostatic Precipitator System and Ultraviolet Air Treatment. This multi-layer design is used to trap and remove larger quantities of pollutants than traditional filters. The process of multimedia filtration gives the best of air quality free from smoke, moulds, viruses and industrials / commercial air pollutants.


HEPA Air Filters

Electrostatic Precipitator

Ultraviolet Air Treatment


HEPA Air Filters

Electrostatic Precipitator

Ultraviolet Air Treatment

Industrial Uses of Multimedia Air Filtration

We provide air filtration systems for collecting a wide range of pollutants like mist, wood chip, grinding dust and smoke-fume etc in industrial sectors. Industrial air filters help you to get rid of toxic industrial waste right air cleaner for your industrial application to create a safe breathing environment for workers.


  • Increase productivity
  • Healthy employee life
  • Long lasting equipment life
  • Save money on heating and cooling
  • A lasting relationship with employees
  • Reduce workers compensation costs

Commercial Applications

We offer ready to operate commercial wall mounted, ceiling hanging and portable filtration units. Eco Smart industrial air purifiers are adaptable to any filtration needs.

  • Welding Operations
  • Dust Generating Processes
  • Mist and Vapor Collection
  • Industrial Grinding Operations
  • Fiberglass, Sanding Blasting
  • CNC Milling, EDM Milling
  • Powder Coating Mixing
  • Horizontal & Vertical Surface Grinding
  • Metal / Aluminum Factories
  • Food Beverage Factories
  • Printing Factories
  • Cement and Chemicals Factories

Industrial & Commercial Air Filtration Needs

Warehouses: Dust covering on equipment and inventory can be avoided.

Woodshops: Filters out the dust escapes from dedicated machine dust collection system.

Commercial Shops: Redirect the air intakes towards the source to capture all the unwanted particles.

Construction Site Dust: Specially designed portable air filtration allowing the unit to stay close to the source.

Oil Mist with Contaminated Air: Separates the oil and drains it to the bottom of the filter

Paint Booth: Exterior pre-filters allow low-cost filters to absorb paint over spray without clogging.

Diesel Exhaust: Best for filtering mild diesel fumes. Added carbon filters can be used for odor control.

Tobacco Smoke: Self-contained air cleaner with charcoal pleat filters, filter out the tobacco smoke and odor.