Interior Renovations

Ecosmart Interiors, a specialized and accomplished renovation enterprise in Dubai, offers complete solutions for your home, office or commercial space renovation needs. Our comprehensive services cover everything from demolition to remodeling, ensuring that each phase is handled with the utmost care and efficiency. We provide hassle-free services for civil renovation, bathroom remodeling, structural renovation, interior remodeling, restyling, and redesigning, along with tailored interior design services in UAE.


Create your dream home with our custom remodeling solutions.

Rather than chasing multiple contractors, contact us for all your end-to-end civil renovation requirements. Our experience in the field of interior renovation has earned us a place among the top home renovation companies in Dubai. We have successfully completed many projects in the region, specializing in floor renovation, structural changes, non-load bearing wall demolition, new wall construction, room and balcony extensions, plumbing and electrical renovations, interior design, false ceiling, painting and décor.

We have a proficient workforce dedicated to taking care of all aspects of interior renovation services.