Ecology Units
Retrofit Solution
Simple installation, easy maintenance & reliable operation.
Ecology Units
Retrofit Solution
Simple installation, easy maintenance & reliable operation.

Ecology Units’ Retrofit Solutions

Eco Smart provide innovative range of industrial ecology units retrofit for the lowest price. Our retrofit solutions require lower maintenance, operating and lesser replacement costs. Providing the buildings with the right sized and placed units can maximize energy efficiency and improve comfort.

Eco Smart multi stage filtration system first expel gas through a washable plated filter then through a synthetic bag filter and finally through an electrostatic precipitator. This ensures the removal of odor from the air system. We use a combination of durable polyester base media which is non-woven and impregnated with activated carbon to achieve this.

Advantages of Retrofitting

Minimizing and all business interruption.
Ensuring all regulatory mandates to make people safe.
Simple installation, easy maintenance and reliable operation.
Available with certified factory optional and essential accessories.

Application of Eco Smart Retrofit Units

In various facilities, mechanical systems require constant care and more human resources to maintain the system. Overlooked HVAC systems causes inadequate makeup air, cold spots, negative pressure problems and poor comfort levels for people. Retrofitting buildings with the right product increases efficiency and sustainability.

Retrofitting is beneficial for

  • Reduced energy consumption and cost.
  • Reduces the annual maintenance requirement.
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Reducing asset replacement and system complexity

Ecology Units Commercial Retrofit Solution

Eco Smart is committed to satisfy your demand by providing the best indoor air quality solutions. We provide a vast line of commercial and industrial retrofit solutions for ecology units.

Eco Smart ecology units’ retrofits are specifically designed to remove the grease particles and smoke from the air stream of any kitchen exhaust systems. Ecology units’ controls cooking odor and steam to an acceptable level. We provide high-quality retrofit solution to eliminate all the kitchen effluents to the maximum extent.

Eco Smart Ecology Unit Retrofits can efficiently  decreases the kitchen atmosphere temperature and removes foul smells from nearby premises. Our ecology retrofit products are designed for of multi-stage filtration to further filter the grease, smoke, oil and odor.

Features of Eco Smart Retrofit Units

  • • Rugged design with removable panels

  • • Industry specified fans and fire

  • • U1 certified filters with very low dwell time

  • • Uses refillable activated carbon filters

  • • Multi stage filtration process

Eco Smart Filter Monitoring System for Industries

Eco Smart provides necessary precision pressure measurements for accurately monitoring the complete ecology system. The module will initiate actions through an electric control package that gives readings. Direct access to the system is also provided with the help of a human machine interface located inside the ecology unit.

Benefits of Advanced Filter Monitoring

  • Extends filter life that need replacement
  • Easy installation and automatic calibration
  • Pinpoints the specific faults make maintenance easy
  • Guaranteed reliable operation
  • Monitor pressure drop across filter modules
  • Calculates percentage of filter saturation
  • Missing Indication to shut off fans and equipment.
  • Maximum efficiency with minimum energy use.

Optional Features

  • • Odor Removal Module

  • • HEPA Filter Module

  • • Digital Temperature Control