Industrial Dust & Mist Filtration
The Most Advanced Industrial Air Filtration Systems

Industrial Dust & Mist Filtration

Eco Smart is the leading suppliers of Industrial Air Cleaning Systems. We provide innovative air filtering solutions to fight industrial pollutants like for mist, wood dust, grinding dust and smoke-fume. Eco Smart industrial grade air purification units create a safe breathing environment for employees and a pollution free environment.

Benefits of Industrial Grade Filters

  • Increase the productivity.
  • Healthy life for employee.
  • Long lasting life of equipment.
  • Save money on heating and cooling.
  • Long lasting relationship with employees.
  • Reduce workers compensation cost.

Application of Industrial Grade Filters

We also provide products that are adaptable to any industrial filtration needs and customized solutions for every air purification application. Eco Smart also offers a wide range of easy to mount – ready to operate commercial ambient purifiers with wall mounted, ceiling hanging and portable filtration units.

Eco Smart provide different Industrial Air Filtration Systems for different applications like welding operations, dust generating processes, mist and vapor collection, industrial grinding operations, fiberglass, sanding blasting, cnc milling, edm milling, powder coating mixing, horizontal & vertical surface grinding, metal / aluminum factories, food beverage factories, printing factories, cement and chemicals factories.

Industrial Application

Workshop: Eco Smart air filtration units clean the air quickly through two filter sets. These hanging air filtration system is a perfect cost-effective air purification solution for workshops.

Warehouse: Our advanced filters can remove the dust which may form a layer over your machines and furniture giving them long life.

Wood Shop: We provide the best air filtration units for industries to effectively filter out the dust which escapes from normal machine dust collection system.

Construction Site: Eco Smart portable air filtration unit is specifically designed to filter the need of construction site by allowing the unit to stay close to the source of contamination.

Oil mist with contaminated air: Efficiently filters oil mist from the air with standard filters or can be upgraded to oil mist filters which separates the oil and drains it.

Spray Paint & Chemical odors escaping paint booth: Normal low-cost filters can be used with our exterior pre-filters to absorb sprayed paint particles without clogging the internal filters.

Diesel Exhaust: Eco Smart air filtration units are best for filtering mild diesel fumes and additional odor control can be done with an added carbon filter to any normal units.

Tobacco Smoke: Charcoal pleat filters are used to plugs in and filters out the tobacco smoke and odor.