Ecology UV C Air Cleaning
Designed for precise environmental demands & building regulations

The Future of Kitchen Air Cleaning:  UV-C

Ultraviolet (UV) light is a form of electromagnetic energy naturally produced by the sun. The UV-C spectrum provides the best germicidal effect. UV-C targets the DNA of microorganisms and destroys their cells and making it impossible to replicate.

Our Ecology UV-C solution removes 95% of grease particles with help of most advanced mechanical filters. Organic compounds are reduced to minimum by combining the best available mechanical filtration with the lowest possible operating air flows. This gives optimal residing and longest working time for the UV light to breakdown the grease molecules.

Eco Smart Ecology UV-C in Kitchen Environments

Our UV-C units meet the increasingly precise environmental demands and building regulations placed commercial kitchen locations.

Cleaner plenum & exhaust ducts improve safety & hygiene
Lower operating and duct cleaning costs
Low air flow rates with advanced technology
Increased productivity with less energy consumption
Comfortable environment in the kitchen working
Low pressure loss reduces the consumption of energy.

Eco Smart UV-C System

Eco Smart UV-C systems are specially designed to eliminate grease generated in the cooking process and included with necessary safety features for a clean duct and improved fire safety. Our innovative air purification systems are designed to work along with most commercial kitchen ventilation system’s discharge point to control airborne pollutants.

Eco Smart units identify requirements of filter replacement with a visual indicator. For easily planning regular maintenance, this indicator shows filter life in percentages. During critical operating periods, downtime can be prevented using alerts send by the units fully automatic system. Eco Smart provide UV-C unit retrofits to any pre-installed kitchen ventilation systems and offers wide range of kitchen hood accessories.

Most commercial kitchens require odour control, smoke removal and exterior exhaust ducts and emission control in their exhaust systems to comply with the increasing demand for ecology friendly operations. We are specialized in indoor climate control, air purification products, services and solutions. Eco Smart create comfortable and safe indoor environments with energy efficient products and life cycle sustainability. We provide Ecology UV-C solutions for residential and commercial kitchen and restaurant applications.

Eco Smart Ecology UV Air treatment  ranges from products including air diffusion system, airflow management units, kitchen air ventilation, air purification solution and indoor environment management.