Kitchen Ecology Units
The Best Commercial Kitchen Air Purification
Kitchen Ecology Units
The Best Commercial Kitchen Air Purification

Eco Smart Kitchen Ecology Units

Cooking effluents generally contain grease particles, water vapor and volatile organic compounds that cause damages to equipment and creates a bad odor. To keep the kitchen clean from kitchen effluent, an exhaust fan is generally used which cannot provide fool proof ventilation.

Eco Smart Ecology Units are specifically designed for kitchen exhaust systems to remove the smoke and grease particles from air stream and to control odor to an acceptable level. Our high-quality ecology units that eliminate all the kitchen effluents to the maximum extent.

Eco Smart ecology units use multi stage filtration method. This expels the air into a washable aluminum plated filter then to a synthetic bag filter and finally through an electrostatic precipitator to ensures the complete removal of odor and effluents from the air system. A combination of durable non-woven polyester base media impregnated with activated carbon is used to achieve this efficiency

Highlights of Eco Smart Ecology Units

Our Ecology Unit uses a double skin construction for durability and multi-stage filtration for efficiency. Eco Smart Ecology Unit is the best choices for a hassle-free kitchen operation.

Designed to meet kitchen exhaust duct standards.

Best for both indoor and outdoor installation.
Rugged design with removable panels.
Industry specified Fans and Fire.
UL Certified Filters.
Very low dwell time.
Refillable Activated Carbon Filters.
Multi stage filtration process.

Eco Smart Filter Monitoring Systems

For monitoring the accuracy of the complete system, Eco Smart provide necessary precision pressure measurements methods. An electric control package will initiate action to give readings based on the measurements. A human machine interface is also located inside the Ecology Unit to provide direct access to operating.

The main benefits of Advanced Filter Monitoring are it extends the life of filters that need replacement promising a guaranteed reliable operation.

Features of Advanced Filter Monitoring

We must transfer a particular amount of effluent outside to maintain a good ratio in productivity, health, and safety. The net exhaust volume must be greater than the thermal updraft. Eco Smart Ecology Units meets all the standard guidelines for kitchen air filtration and purification units.

  • Easy installation and automatic calibration through HMI.
  • Pinpoints the specific address to the faults.
  • Pressure drops monitoring across each module.
  • Identifies filter saturation percentage.

Benefits of Eco Smart Ecology Units

An exhaust fan is not capable of removing all the pollutants from the kitchen. Only an ecology unit can help in this condition.


  • Avoid grease deposition on kitchen equipment and surroundings.
  • Avoid the need of frequent duct cleaning.
  • Decrease the kitchen atmospheric temperature.
  • Removal of foul smells from the nearby premises.

Cost effectiveness and designed to meet maximum efficiency.

Optional Features

  • Odor Removal Module
  • HEPA Filter Module
  • Digital Temperature Control

Eco Smart Ecology Units are specially designed for environmental safety and to meet air quality standards. We also specialize in customized solutions for a wide range of Air Quality requirements.