Air Handling Units
The Best Air Handling Solution for Commercial Sector

Eco Smart Air Handling Units

Eco Smart provide wide range of innovative solutions combined with comprehensive range of air quality solutions. Made with the latest innovative technology, Eco Smart assures the best air handling units for your home, workplace and commercial facilities. We have products comes in all different sizes to fulfil your air handling requirements. Our products comply with the necessary environmental requirements to provide the best of indoor air quality.

Eco Smart Air Handling Units are excellent choice for any HVAC system to circulate and regulate fresh, clean and comfortable air. Installation can be done on roof tops of commercial building facilities to connects with the ductwork and provide air conditioning into the building. Our air handling units can be customized for any type of building requirement.

Eco Smart AHU filter types

  • Eco Smart HEPA Filter

    Removes even the smallest of dirt particles and bacteria.

  • Eco Smart Electrostatic Filter

    Removes tiny particles with a highly charged electrode.

  • Eco Smart Bag Filter

    Remove dust and roll filter speed up the filtration process.

  • Eco Smart Plasma Air

    Can be equipped with innovative plasma air solutions.

Features of Eco Smart AHU

✓ Flexible Cabinet Design

Can be built horizontally or vertically using modular components

✓ Flexible Coil Design

For cooling, heating and steaming we use chilled or expansion water.

✓ Fan options

Forward curved belt drive and direct drive plenum fans are available.

✓ Power Components

Magnetic motor starters, variable frequency drive and high-efficiency motors.

✓ Housing

Eco Smart AHU’s housing is built from highly durable metal.

✓ Heating or Cooling Coil

Coils are used to cool or heat the air.

✓ Filters

The AHU’s filters prevent dust and harmful particle entering the air.

✓ Fan options

Forward curved with belt drive and direct drive plenum fans are available.

Benefits of using Eco Smart AHU

The increase in energy efficient buildings increases the need for a proper ventilation system. Polluted air outside and inside the building put a greater risk for allergies, odours, condensation, mould growth etc. Eco Smart Air Handling Units are best for use in heavy duty operations, harsh and hazardous environments like chemical and marine sectors.

Key Benefits

  • • Very high air displacement ratio.

  • • Can be integrated with high efficiency heating modules.

  • • Modular construction makes easy to maintain.

  • • Flexible and variable design make ultra-durable AHU’s.

Commercial Applications

Eco Smart Air Handling Units offer a chemical-free effective solution that aides the improvement of indoor air quality in a wide range of commercial areas such as:

  • Airports &Metro Stations
  • Casinos
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Corporate Offices
  • Health Centres
  • Hospitality
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • New Construction Sites
  • Nursing Homes
  • Offices
  • Retail outlets
  • Schools and Universities
  • Sports Facilities

Eco Smart Floor-Standing Air Handling Units

Eco Smart Floor-Standing Air Handling Units are specially engineered for residential and commercial buildings, industrial sectors like chemical and pharmaceutical plants, hospitals, laboratories, data centers etc.

Made for the highest level of reliability and operational efficiency. Eco Smart Floor Standing AHU comes with power and control systems integrated within the device. Remote-control facility is available as data communication optional feature.


  • Best air flow rate compared to similar floor units.
  • Availability of heating and cooling function
  • Advanced HEPA filtration mechanism
  • Can be integrated with humidification & dehumidification units
  • Drain pan is used to prevent possible water build up.