Smoking Facilities
The Best Smoke & Odor Removal Solutions

Smoking Facilities Ventilators

Eco Smart smoking facilities ventilation systems helps in filtering of outside air to remove particulates, allergens and chemical pollutants for the distribution of fresh and clean air.

We provide the best air purification solution for every environment with reduced commercial costs and quality support for a productive and safe working environment.

Proper ventilation in the working environment provides many benefits to enclosed buildings that operate in the same vicinity of fumes and smoke. Smoke Extraction Systems are vital for the health and safety of your staff to increase the daily productivity of your business.

Features of Eco Smart Ventilation Units

Access with remote control
Lower energy consumption
Antibacterial air treatment
Low operational noise
Very efficient heat recovery

Benefits of Smoking Facilities Ventilation

Eco Smart Smoking Facilities Ventilation Systems are proven to extract smoke as well as harmful bacteria from the air, ensuring safe and suitable environments for non-smokers too.

  • Ensures excellent indoor air quality.
  • Protects the property against mold & condensation issues.
  • Recovers about 98% of heat lost with passive systems.
  • Proven as best for asthma sufferers and other respiratory patients.
  • Bathroom fans and trickle vents are not required.
  • Secure and proper ventilation without opening doors or windows.
  • Quiet and draught free ventilation.
  • Removes cooking odors and other indoor soul smells.
  • Prevent the build-up of potentially lethal radon gas.
  • Environmentally friendly.