Fresh Air Handling Units
The best fresh air solutions for conditioned spaces

Eco Smart Fresh Air Handling Solution

Eco Smart Fresh Air Handling Units (FAHU) regulates, circulate and deliver a constant volume of treated fresh air by becoming a part of your HVAC system. Our Fresh Air Handling Units are specially engineered to meet all kind of indoor and outdoor environmental requirements.

We customize and builds the perfect FAHU for your exact requirement. Eco Smart Fresh Air Handling Units comes with all necessary accessories in which the customer can choose the type heat exchangers, cooling coils and evaporators make material.

How FAHU differs from normal Air Handling Unit

FAHU are centralized devices used to induce fresh air to the confine spaces. FAHUs come into picture when there are limitations to fresh air intake either directly or through normal AHUs. Additional cooling coil is available for inducing treated air without deteriorating the indoor conditions into the confined space.

Fresh Air Handling Unit works same as a normal AHU with 100% fresh air without an air recirculation option built in. In hospitals where contaminated return air is not advised to be reused, expelled air will be extracted out using a heat wheel or coils. Heat exchanger is used where the temperature of fresh air is transferred to the extract air to increase the efficiency of the system

Key Features of Eco Smart FAHU

Energy Efficiency: Runs at its maximum efficiency to save energy and offer extensive cooling capability.

Fresh Air Supply: Outdoor air by filtration, cooling, dehumidification, or heating to provide good indoor air quality.

Filtration: Increases system operating efficiency and occupant comfort.

Supply Air Control: Continuous supply of air at a set and dew point.

Silent Operation: Provided with acoustic dampers for noise free operation.

Positioning: Suitable for both wall and roof installation. Vertical and horizontal units are available as per customers choice.