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Eco Smart Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers

Humidity is the presence of moisture in the air. Very high and very low levels of humidity is dangerous to health. Eco Smart provide smart range of Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers for your daily application in home and office. Our humidification & dehumidification units automatically detect and analyses the indoor atmosphere and maintains the right humidification level.

Improve your health, wellbeing and productivity with Eco Smart humidity control


Moisture level may vary depending on the season, climate and the geographical area. Humidity levels will become higher in summer and lower during winter. Eco Smart Humidification devices detects the drop in indoor atmosphere humidity and emit water vapour or steam to increase moisture levels in the air. Ideal humidity inside your property should be between 30% and 50%.

Eco Smart Whole House Humidifiers

The combination of winter’s dry air, a turned-up thermostat, and closed windows can wreak havoc on your respiratory system. To improve your family’s health and protect your home from dry air, the best possible way is to invest in a humidifier. Install our Whole House Humidifier and find a complete solution for your health and home in winter.

Health Benefits of Whole House Humidifiers

  • • Keeps the throat from drying out and relieves the intensity of snoring.

  • • Adding humidity to the air is really good for congestion and sinusitis.

  • • Keeps nasal passage lubricated for people suffering from cold or allergies.

  • • Prevents nosebleed and skin from drying in dry climate.

Eco Smart provide a wide range of humidification products depending on your preferences, budget and size of the area you want to add moisture to.


Eco Smart dehumidifiers help to lower the increased humidity level and bring it to a comfortable level. Excess humidity also results in corrosion, mold growth and rotting especially in tight spaces like warehouses, offices, factories and shops. Eco Smart brings you the best line of dehumidifiers by perfectly understanding the environmental conditions and challenges.

Our Commercial and Industrial line of dehumidification products provide you the best solution for a comfortable environment in your workspace.

Commercial Dehumidifier Benefits

As humidity fills the ambient air, our commercial dehumidifier helps extracting the airborne moisture to preventing condensation. Additional hot gas system can be added to our commercial dehumidifiers to improve the performance at low temperature. A dehumidifier is an integral part of the operational system of a factory or a commercial building.

Installing commercial dehumidification unit at your business enterprise will help your need for frequent machine repairs, furniture replacement and interior maintenance will be reduced to a good extent.

Eco Smart Industrial Dehumidifiers

Excess humidity can cause irreversible damage to many industrial equipment, production and storage facilities. Eco Smart provide high-quality and highly durable dehumidifiers for industrial environment. Our Industrial Dehumidifiers maintain the level of humidity in a certain way to create a conducive environment to produce or manufacture humidity-sensitive products.

We also provide portable Industrial dehumidifiers which are smaller and compatible when compared to its counterparts. They are very effective for smaller spaces operate with very little noise.

Choosing the right kind of dehumidifier for warehouses is a tricky process because the capacity has to be accurately decided before installation. Eco Smart provides high quality dehumidifiers based on the size of your warehouse. Our models with humidification capacity ranging from 22liters per day to 520 litres per day, will be safe for operating in warehouses.

Eco Smart Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers will help to maintain an optimum humidity in the workplace, which in turn improves employee health and productivity.

Features of Industrial Dehumidifiers

  • Best suited for factories, offices, building sites, storage facilities and restoration.
  • Have larger moisture removal capacities.
  • Made with steel or tough molded plastic cases for improved life span.
  • Best suited to long service life and resistant to knocks and bumps.

Benefits of Industrial Dehumidifiers

  • Efficiently dries out newly constructed masonry and plasterworks in construction industry.
  • Assist in product drying, dry material storage and damp prevention in factory building.
  • Long-term storage of archives, artefacts, manuscripts and books can be achieved.
  • Minimizing corrosion in metals and circuitry damage.