Pergola provides shades and aesthetic value to any outdoor space. While aesthetics are important when it comes to personalized outdoor living space, we ensure that it is practical and functional blending with your life style. Eco Smart Pergola add value to your outdoor space making it more hospitable and tranquil. 

Benefits of Pergolas

  • Eco Smart provide Steel, Aluminium and Wooden Pergolas adding value and beauty to your facility.
  • Our well-designed Pergola can create an elegant appearance to your exterior.
  • Pergolas is essential in warmer climate enabling you tranquil with outdoor.
  • Pergola elevates your outdoor experience by relaxing and dining outdoor with family and friends.

Parking Shades

Eco Smart provide high quality and aesthetically pleasing car parking shades protecting your valuable cars from harsh weather conditions. We provide variety of parking shades by different shading materials. We use HDPE mesh fabric, PVC fabric, PTFE fabric, acrylic canvas fabric, GRP & FRP sheets and Fiber glass. We use aluminium structure, MS steel structure, Galvanizing steel structure and stainless-steel structure.

Parking Shade Benefits

  • Car shades protect cars from harsh sun UV radiation and gives a cooler surrounding area.
  • Shield from dust, storm and rain water
  • Protects from falling objects and bird dirts which can ruin the car paint.
  • Keeps your car safe making to last long the car exterior and interior.