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Eco Smart IAQ Service Solutions 

Eco Smart provides a wide range of indoor environment quality solutions for various Indoor air quality requirements. Eco Smart brings you the complete line of Indoor Air Purifiers and Indoor Air Quality solutions with innovative and ecologically friendly technologies. Our specially designed air cleaners remove even the smallest of particles from the air that are harmful to the health and results in improved productivity.

Eco Smart IAQ Technologies

  • Plasma Air Purifiers
  • Multi-Tech Air Purifiers
  • HEPA Air Purifiers
  • Electrostatic Air Cleaners
  • Germicidal Air Cleaners
  • UV Air Sterilizers
  • UVGI Air Disinfectants
  • Ion Generators
  • Ozone Generators
  • Odor Remediation Equipment
  • Humidifiers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Air Quality Testing
  • Probiotic Air Purification

IAQ Service Solutions Eco Smart Provide

Our experienced IAQ professionals help you to decide what type of air cleaners and air purification technology is best for you and provide you the best services available for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Indoor Air Quality Testing
Ventilation System Assessment
Environmental safety testing and remediation
Air Duct Cleaning and sterilizing
Filtration Systems Enhancement
Filtration Parts & Replacements
Air Quality Equipment Supply and Rentals

Eco Smart Air Duct System

Eco Smart Ducts are the best option food processing, electronics manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, residential buildings, hospitals, medical centres and similar industrial sectors. With the help of our advanced and efficient duct system, you will get marginally high reduction in utility bills.

Our duct system helps to improve the quality of the air you breathe inside your home. Our environmentally safe products and most innovative equipment, sets us apart from similar products in market.

Stainless Steel Ducts

Covering a wide range of ducts, bends, valves, transition pieces, jet caps etc our Stainless-Steel Duct system ensures the best ducting function than other normal ducts. Eco smart Stainless steel ducting systems is manufactured with a circular cross section for optimum sealing and minimal pressure loss. Added chromium in ducts gives the steel unique corrosion resistant properties too.

Pre-Insulated Ducts

Eco smart provides PI Ducts with excellent insulation properties. Pre-Insulated Duct plays a very important role in adjusting air condition in buildings as it is a key part of central air-conditioning system.  Using light weight and durable material in ducts, makes sure our customer is getting the best unit available.

The rare combination of aluminum and pre-insulated panels provides an excellent internal air quality. Our PI Ducts are lightweight and has a fine external finish with long material life.

Fire Rated Ducts

Eco Smart Fire Rated Duct Systems are made from galvanized steel sheet and sprayed with a specially formulated water-based compound.

Our products are successfully tested for international use under cellulosic fire conditions in excess of four hours duration. Fire Rated Ducts can accommodate induced stress coming from extreme varying conditions like moisture, structural loading variations, thermal shock during a fire etc.

G I Ducts

We offer energy efficient insulation with advanced GI Duct technology to maintain temperature and prevent the ducts from sweating. Our GI Duct systems are designed to correspond with existing duct systems and fabricate ducting as per the client specification.

Our various duct accessories such as fittings, attachments, components and other goods are manufactured from the finest grade material with the help advanced technology. We do a thorough inspection and quality controllers check in each and every detail from manufacturing to installation and commissioning.

Eco Smart IAQ Retrofit Solution

Our Industrial Retrofits of Air Quality Units is available at the lowest price, lower maintenance, operating and replacement costs. Eco Smart understand the challenges of retrofitting your outdated HVAC equipment and help to install the right-sized and right located Air Quality Unit Retrofits to maximize energy efficiency and improve comfort.

Our products are best suitable for all industrial and commercial retrofit application. With an incomparable service and high-quality product line-up made Eco Smart best air quality solutions provider in Middle East.

Features of Air Quality Retrofit

IAQ Annual Maintenance Contract

Eco smart offers the best AMC solution to manage your every repairing need professionally. We have skilled and specialized team of professionals for every repairs and service. Eco Smart provide the most cost-effective Annual Maintenance Contract to ensure the smooth functioning of your HVAC unit.

Benefits of AMC Work

Eco Smart IAQ Service Solutions