Commercial IAQ
Removes Commercial VOC & Ultrafine Particle
Commercial IAQ
Removes Commercial VOC & Ultrafine Particle
Commercial IAQ
Removes Commercial VOC & Ultrafine Particle

Commercial IAQ Solution

Eco Smart commercial IAQ Solutions clears the air from dangerous ultrafine and biological particles and reduces VOC’s and odors.

Inside a building gas phase contaminant have a number of sources like furnishings, cleaning supplies, paints and finishes. Outdoor source of contamination is mainly combustion of vehicles, kitchen exhaust, diesel generator etc. There is also common VOC and odor problems include cleaning chemicals, furnishings off-gassing, paints & finishes, residue from smoke, adhesives, body odors, urine, human waste, pet odors, tobacco smoke, chemicals, formaldehyde etc.

We use particle agglomeration and active-field polarization for filtering the contaminated air. Polarized particles passing through the media are attracted to other contamination to form a larger particle which can be subsequently captured by the commercial grade filters.

Eco Smart provides commercial IAQ Solutions at one third of the operational cost of conventional passive air filter alternatives.

Eco Smart Commercial IAQ Solution

Eco Smart provide the most innovative and ecologically friendly commercial IAQ solution for the past 15 years. Especially to urban areas where air is contaminated with ultrafine particles (UFPs), our commercial IAQ products resolves to all your indoor air quality problems by eliminating all types of airborne ultrafine particles including chemicals and biological contaminants.

✓ Probiotic Air Purification
✓ Plasma Air Purification
✓ ESP Solutions
✓ Bipolar Ionization
✓ HVAC Air Cleaning & Sterilization

Polarized Filtration for UFP Removal

Eco Smart uses an active-field polarized media to remove ultrafine particles from the air. In commercial sector, fine particle contaminants include vehicle emissions diesel exhaust, jet engine exhaust, tobacco smoke, fine dust, black carbon etc. These smallest of particles are the most dangerous and troublesome.

Biological contaminants like mold, bacteria, and viruses are a subset of these particles. The biggest advantage of polarized filtration is it improves air cleaning performance greatly due to its three-dimensional loading of particles to media fibres.

Necessity of IAQ Solutions in Commercial Spaces

People spend most of their day employed at their place of work. Indoor air quality conditions the workplace is linked to higher cognitive function and lower absentee rates in. Faulty and improper HVAC installations cost companies a huge loss annually. Indoor air quality is critical for maintaining a productive commercial atmosphere.

We propose realistic solutions to complex indoor air quality issue. We emphasis on quality and reliability as the client demands it. Your business place or commercial property deserves the best-quality commercial IAQ solution only Eco Smart can provide.

Commercial IAQ Retrofit Solution

Eco Smart IAQ retrofits solution for commercial spaces can be avail with a wide range of Innovative Air Filters to help minimizing and eliminating almost all the organic and inorganic pollutants including viruses from your indoor air stream.

Eco Smart Retrofit Units meet all the regulatory mandates to ensure the best performance and safety of people.

AMC for Commercial IAQ Systems

For commercial sectors, an AMC solution is must to handle your every repairing needs. Eco Smart offers the cost effective and finest quality Annual Maintenance Contract to ensures the smooth functioning of your commercial HVAC unit.

Our professionally managed and specialized team of engineers and skilled service people will help you with all repairs and service needs of the HVAC system. We provide periodic check-ups with our AMC to ensure that you are getting the best air quality.