Air Sterilization
The Future of Air Purification
Air Sterilization
The Future of Air Purification

Eco Smart Air Sterilization Solution

Eco Smart provide the most innovative solution in ultraviolet air sterilization. for improved indoor air quality. Ultraviolet actively destroys the microbial growth that occurs when an HVAC system experiences condensation. The ultraviolet light in air treatment unit continuously cleans the coil helping it run more efficiently and removing harmful pollutants. 

Range of Air Sterilization Solutions


Improved Air Quality: Ultraviolet light installed in the ductwork of your system kills harmful organic pathogens, reduce airborne irritants and improves indoor air quality.

Low Maintenance Cost: Constant operation improves your HVAC system’s efficiency so maintenance is only required annually.

Reliable Support: Our certified IAQ experts make sure your ultraviolet air treatment system is installed and serviced correctly from day one.

Eco Smart air sterilization can be implemented to destroy


Eco Smart UV Air Disinfection is proven for removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and deactivating or killing of bacteria, viruses, mould spores and other pathogenic microorganisms that may be present in your indoor air stream.

  • • Optimizes heat transfer capability of your HVAC system

  • • Backed by Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval

  • • Germicidal lamp requires only a single replacement annually

  • • Does not use consumables such as fragrance-dispensers or batteries

Applications and locations where to implement

  • Treatment of air in waste management facilities. – Removal of “bad air” in factories and adjacent offices.
  • Food storage facilities (cheese, wine, vegetables, fruits, meat, etc..).
  • Clinical environments such as clinics, hospitals, operating rooms, dental surgeries, schools etc
  • Laboratorial and testing facilities that require a clinically clean environment.
  • Food processing plantations. O Decontamination of storage facilities.