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Commercial Air Purification & Sanitization

Eco Smart AHU IAQ Solution

Quality of indoor air is critical for maintaining the productive environment for a commercial building. Improper installation of AHU systems cost companies a huge loss annually. Your business place or commercial property deserves a high-quality commercial IAQ solution. We propose realistic innovative solutions to your commercial complexes indoor air quality requirements.

Commercial IAQ Solutions

Eco Smart is the leading air quality solutions and services provider in UAE for the last 15 years. Our commercial IAQ Solutions address all types of airborne contaminants including odor, VOC, chemicals and biological compounds. Our commercial solution in IAQ is best for all the indoor air quality problems especially in urban areas where air is contaminated with ultrafine particles (UFPs), odors, exhaust fumes etc.

Ultra-Fine Particle Removal

Most dangerous and troublesome particles like biological contaminants including mold, bacteria, and viruses. Sources of these contaminants include peeling citrus fruits to vacuums and photocopiers. Our filters use an active-field polarized media to remove these VOC’s from the polluted air. Polarized filtration improves air cleaning performance greatly.

In commercial sector, fine particles contaminants include vehicle emissions, diesel exhaust, jet engine exhaust, tobacco smoke, fine dust, mold spores, bacteria, viruses, black carbon (soot)

Commercial IAQ Retrofits

We also provide best options in commercial air quality retrofit solution. Eco Smart commercial IAQ retrofits solution with our wide range of Innovative air filters helps in minimizing and eliminating almost all the pollutants and volatile organic compounds like viruses, from the indoor air. Eco Smart retrofit units meet all regulatory mandates to ensure the safety of people.

AMC for Commercial IAQ Systems

Eco Smart AMC solutions for commercial sectors can handle your AHU systems every repairing need. Our skilled and specialized team of engineers and technicians will serve you at your door step with cost effective solution and top-quality service. Through our AMC, Eco Smart ensures the smooth functioning of your commercial AHU unit and provide periodic check-up to make sure the quality of air is great always.

Commercial VOC and Odor Removal

Eco Smart commercial IAQ Solution is successful in removing VOCs and odors. We use an active-field polarization and particle agglomeration for VOC’s removal. Polarized particles are attracted to other VOC’s, odor molecules and other particles to form a larger particulate. This large particle can then be subsequently captured using our commercial grade filters.

Inside a building gas phase contaminant have sources like furnishings, cleaning supplies, paints and finishes, and people. Outdoor sources including combustion processes of vehicles, kitchen exhaust, diesel generators etc. Common VOC and odor problems include cleaning chemicals, body odors, urine, human waste, furnishings off-gassing, pet odors, paints & finishes, residue from smoke, adhesives, tobacco smoke, chemicals, formaldehyde etc.

Our commercial IAQ solution helps clearing the air from these dangerous ultrafine particles. Eco Smart IAQ Solutions makes this possible at one third of the operational cost of conventional passive filters.