Air Conditioning Units

Eco Smart Air Conditioning Units

Achieving the perfect indoor atmosphere is about getting proper comfort, reliability, energy efficiency and control throughout the year. Eco Smart offer a wide range of air conditioning units with proper support and maintenance services throughout its lifetime, ensuring your system achieves optimal performance.

The most innovative inverter technology in air conditioners is used to continuously regulate the temperature inside. This gives you optimum comfort as well as reduced energy costs compared to a traditional system.

From selecting the right air conditioning solution to each aspect Eco Smart supports you through every step of the process. You can avail the services provided by our service helpdesk staff and our team of qualified service engineers at any time.

Feature of Eco Smart Air Conditioning Units

  • Individual Control – You can control each unit separately to get the required temperature you want in each room.
  • Energy and Cost Savings – Innovative inverter technology and built-in heat pump gives you the highest efficiency and energy savings.
  • Flexible Installation – Eco Smart air conditioners are easy to install and maintain, even in buildings with limited space availability.
  • Extensive Range of Product – We have a wide range of models available for you choose from with the style and performance best suits for your home.

Floor Standing Units

Eco Smart Floor Standing AC Units provide cooling and heating faster and wider than other units by supplying air to each corner of your room. Along with providing powerful cooling our floor standing units can reach at a set temperature in a shorter period of time. The air can reach up to higher distances with powerful speed and volume of air.
This allows fresh and comfortable cooling everywhere in the room.

Floor standing units are designed where a wall mounted system cannot be installed or for applications where wall space is at a premium or not suitable. Eco Smart floor standing system is comprised of an indoor unit which is standing on the floor and an outdoor unit which is placed on an adjacent exterior wall of your home.

Eco Smart provide floor standing AC units in a range of sizes and are suitable for heating and cooling a single room such as a lounge room or medium sized bedroom.

Eco Smart Floor Standing AC Units comes as 1Ton, 2Ton, 3Ton, 5Ton Units

Wall Mounted Split Units

Eco Smart wall mounted split AC units are simple to install and less intrusive than floor mounted units. They can be neatly installed high on a wall without distracting your home décor. Whether your rooms are large or small, Eco Smart provide split ac units which varies in capacities to provide the optimum climate you want. We offer high efficiency design units with excellent value for money.

Multi outdoor unit model is also available so that you can connect with multiple indoor units to a single outdoor unit to create the ambient atmosphere everywhere in your building. Indoor units can be individually controlled and no need for installing even at the same time.

This one outdoor unit setup meets all your cooling and heating requirements and allows you to save you precious space on your balcony, terrace, wall or garden.

Cassette Type Units

Eco Smart cassette AC units are the perfect solution for the present day’s cooling needs. To ensure sufficient cooling everywhere the room, the wide angled air outlets distribute air flow evenly in each corner. The cassette ac units use innovative technology to reduce your energy consumption. We provide the best solution for keeping your guests, clients and colleagues comfortable no matter what the outside temperature is.

Equipped with the air purification function, cassette units offer high-performance that delivers clean, cool air to your large space.