Ducted Split Units
Ducted Split Units

Eco Smart Ducted Split Unit

Eco Smart Ducted Split Unit (DSU) brings comfort by keeping you cool in the summer and warm in winter with climate-controlled comfort throughout the year in your entire facilities. Ducted Split Unit provides efficient cooling, heating and dehumidification along with filtering the air. A condenser unit is installed outside the facility along with the ducted system. Ducted systems can be heated or cooled at different times and operated in two or more zones depends on the season. Eco Smart ducted split units provide optimum air conditioning solution for places where installation above false ceiling is required.

Eco Smart DSU has a compact structure, low slim profile and minimal height for easy and hidden installation above false ceiling. Our Ducted Split Unit consumes less electrical energy for proficient cooling and heating. Temperature of the device can be controlled just the touch of a button.

Advantages of using Ducted Split Unit

  • Simple ducting requirements reduces the need for a false ceiling.
  • Immense option for areas where independent temperature control is required.
  • Come with its own controller and can be powered on or off as easy as a lightbulb.

Only the supply and the return grill are the visible components of the system from the interior of the building. Mini split ducted systems use extremely short and simple duct work unlike central ducted systems. DSU extensively reduces the requirement for false ceiling area for concealing the duct work. Eco Smart DSU’s are designed to be durable in all environments. Our units are easy to install and maintain in medium to large-sized air conditioning systems in commercial and residential applications.

Single Split Ducted Unit

Eco Smart Single Split Ducted (SSD) Unit brings a quiet operation without compromising efficiency by providing an advanced scroll compressor that delivers optimum performance. The Single Split Ducted Indoor unit can be installed in your facilities ceiling cavity. Air inside the room is conditioned by the evaporator coil in the unit and the fan installed circulates the conditioned air back into the room. The outdoor unit installed outside of your home is connected to the indoor unit which carries the refrigerant through interconnected pipe work. The compressor then circulates the refrigerant between the indoor and outdoor units.

They are also a great choice and will keep you comfortable in areas where independent temperature control is required. Each system has its own controller system, and they can be turned on/off, just similar to a light bulb. Unlike ductless units, Single Split Ducted has no visible units in the living space and the inside part of the system is hidden in the ceiling. The only noticeable components of the system in the interior of the building are the supply and the return grills.

Single Split Ducted Systems uses very short and simple duct work and the best option for buildings where zoning is mandatory. There are different styled indoor units available to match every requirement. To diminish ceiling space height needs as much as possible, the units are built slimmest as possible. We provide wall mounted or slim built-in Single Split Ducted units.

Features and Benefits

  • Motion sensor to automatically save power consumption.
  • Extended piping length.
  • Set back operation.
  • Easy to clean level panel design.
  • Low ambient operation.
  • Powerful modes for fast cooling or heating.
  • Reduced noise level
  • Home-leave temperature set-back action

Single Split Outdoor

Eco Smart Outdoor Single Split Ducted (SSOD) Unit Performs the following functions

  • Outdoor unit with sound set back
  • R-410A pre-charged for piping length up to 33 ft.
  • Reliable and unique Compressor
  • Compact and lightweight design

Multi Split Ducted Unit

Eco Smart Multi-Split Ducted (MSD) Units are able to serve up to 4 rooms, enhancing the comfort of any facility and provide energy efficiency up to SEER 15. We offer wall mounted and ceiling mounted units. Eco Smart MSD Unit allows individual control of the air conditioning in every room.

Features and Benefits

  • Fully exposed refrigerant connections
  • Single panel casing for the electrical controls and control box connecting the condenser fan.
  • Easy servicing of the unit.
  • Advanced design together with the condenser fan system provides quiet operation to both interior and exterior environments.
  • Unitary products offer high performance and energy efficiency at reasonable price.
  • Ozone-friendly refrigerants