Fan Coil Units

Eco Smart Fan Coil Units

Eco Smart provide the most unique and energy efficient fan coil units (FCU) which meets most of your air conditioning requirements. Our FCU units are best suited for residences, offices, shopping centres and commercial buildings where there are multiple small spaces requires individual air flow control.

Our FCU are made up of a powerful motor with an efficient fan, user friendly controller and very durable heating or cooling coil. This can be connected to the buildings central hot water or cold-water system for a continuous flow of ambient air required. Eco Smart fan coil units are designed to heat or cool the specific space where it is installed.

Eco Smart FCU’s use refrigerant or chilled water for cooling system. The main preference of introducing FCU system is that there is no need for frequent checking and maintenance. Eco Smart fan coil units are compatible and can be used with renewable energy systems since it uses water as the cooling medium.

Eco Smart fan coil units are designed to adapt consistently with a variety of architectural styles for an aesthetically pleasing look and come in a wide range of minimally-invasive attractive configurations.

Advantages of Eco Smart Fan Coil Units:

  • Low noise emission.
  • Aerodynamically optimized fans.
  • Available in single, twin and triple fan versions.
  • Robust design with durable housing.
  • Highly efficient EC motor.
  • Variable fan speed control option.
  • Individual room-level temperature control.
  • Simple installation and less maintenance.

Application of FCU

Fan coil units are widely used in a variety of buildings and establishments with small individual spaces like small to medium offices, villas and even private hotel rooms. FCU’s are usually controlled by the local thermostat or by the building’s HVAC management system itself. Fan coil units can also be positioned vertically in high-rise buildings connected by the same piping loopone above the other in different floors.

Shopping Malls with multiple small spaces also uses fan coil units for their cooling. Eco Smart FCUs are cheaper and can be installed easily, resulting better value for money.